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Washington Vs Stanford Second Quarter Recap - Tied At 13

Stanford started the quarter with a reverse to Ty Montgomery to pick up 15 yards across the Husky 30 yard line. On 3rd and 2, the Huskies defenses said to hell with tackling and let Montgomery steamroll their entire secondary into the end zone to put Stanford up 10-0.

Marvin Hall took an end around on the first play of the Husky drive 11 yards, and a personal foul hands to the face added 15. But the next play was fumbled by Cyler Miles and Shaq Thompson, knocking the Huskies back 8 yards. Stanford entered the neutral zone to give the Huskies back five, and on 3rd and 11 Cyler Miles hit DiAndre Campbell in the chest across midfiled for a first down. The next play was a fade to Kasen Williams, which he nearly caught, but there was pass interference regardless to move the chains again for the Dawgs. Faced with another 3rd and 11, Miles dropped to pass and dropped a pass right into Jaydon Mickens's breadbasket on a corner route for a touchdown.  The PAT was fumbled and the Huskies trailed 10-6.

Shaq Thompson got his hands on Montgomery to prevent another big return. A 20 yard pass from Kevin Hogan to Devon Cajuste and a facemask on Andrew Hudson had Stanford threatening again. A 12 yard pass to Christian McCaffrey put the Cardinal in the red zone, where the Huskies were able to put them into a 3rd and 9. Marcus Peters nearly intercepted Hogans pass, and the Cardinal would attempt a field goal which put them up 13-6.

Lavon Coleman picked up gains of 13 and 11 yards to jump start UW's drive. A false start on Jaydon Mickens put UW in a 3rd and 12, and Cyler Miles was sacked as Colin Tanigawa and Dexter Charles looked on (whilst blocking nobody). Korey Durkee's punt bounced down inside the 10 to the 7 yard line to pin Stanford. Shaq Thompson ripped the ball out on a run, picked it up and ran it back for his 3rd defensive TD of the season, and 4th total TD of the year to tie the game at 13-13.

On a 3rd and 4, Hogan connected with Cajuste, but it came back on a chop block to put the Tree in a 3rd and 19. The Stanford punt would put the Huskies at their own 36 yard line but a holding penalty moved it back to the 14 with 50 seconds to make something happen. The Huskies were content to run the ball and end the half tied.