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Washington Vs Georgia State Second Quarter Update - UW Trails 14-0

As the second quarter began Marcus Peters picked off a Nick Arbuckle pass in the endzone, but he was called for pass interference on what looked to be a somewhat questionable call. Two plays later Arbuckle completed a pass to Keith Rucker for a TD to give GSU a 7-0 lead.

UW started spreading out the defense a bit more by going to Marvin Hall on a fly sweep, and a screen to Jaydon Mickens to pick up a first down. But Cyler Miles getting sacked would again put the Huskies in a bad spot, which was only aided by Colin Tanigawa's personal foul. On 4th and a million, the Huskies punted, and it barely crossed midfield.

Georgia State crossed right into UW territory, but was forced into a 4th and about a foot which they would attempt to convert. Another Arbuckle quarterback sneak would convert for the Panthers. A couple of incompletions and on 3rd down Arbuckle found one of his favorite targets on the day -- unfortunately it happened to be Marcus Peters for his second INT of the game.

The Huskies finally found some success on the ground with Dwayne Washington, but after a WR bubble screen went nowhere the Huskies were again in a 3rd and long situation. They were unable to convert -- a pass to Jaydon Mickens went for about 8 yards -- and a Koree Durkee punt pinned the Panthers inside the 10 yard line.

The Panthers picked up a couple of quick first downs through the air, and systematically chunked their way down the field into UW territory once again. A crazy fumble that popped up into the air and off of half a dozen players was somehow recovered by GSU, and they moved into the red zone. Arbuckle tossed a slant into the end zone and GSU took a 14-0 lead.

The Huskies took over at their own 35 and 47 second on the clock. They sputtered and the half ended unceremoniously as UW fumbled on a zone read, and then punted back to GSU.