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Georgia State Preview Q&A With Underdog Dynasty

Our weekly Q&A rolls on, and this week we chatted with SB Nation College's new kid on the block: Underdog Dynasty.

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Underdog Dynasty is one of SB Nation's newest blogs (might even be the newest), and they cover football for the AAC, CUSA, Sun Belt, and independent schools. We talked to Karl Strength -- their Georgia State expert -- about the Huskies' matchup with Georgia State.

Who are Georgia State's playmakers to watch on either side of the ball?

On the offensive side of the ball Quarterback Nick Arbuckle, who currently fourth in the nation in total passing yards, is the main threat. He has a strong arm and has shown some ability to run. Running backs Krysten Hammon and Kyler Neal will be the main guys to look for in the running game. Hammon is the more explosive of the backs, but he missed the entire Air Force game and parts of the Abilene Christian game with injuries.

Defensively the Panthers are led by their linebacking corps. Specifically ILB Joseph Peterson- who is seemingly in on every tackle. OLB Jarrell Robinson has been the one Panther player to be able to get to the QB and leads the team in tackles for loss.

Where are GSU's positional strengths?

While no receivers made my playmaker list above, there are already five that have 10 or more catches- four of the five are averaging more that 14 yards per catch.

Is there anywhere GSU might have an advantage over UW?

When comparing a team that is in their 2nd FBS season to a Power 5 program it is tough to see many areas where they have any advantage. That said it is possible that, if Arbuckle is given time to throw, then the Panther wide receivers could cause problems for the Husky defensive backfield.

What are GSU's biggest weaknesses?

The defensive backs for Georgia State are the weakest unit on the team. They have had issues covering deep passes, have had issues tackling, and when in position they have had issue catching.

What are the basics of what GSU does on offense and defense system-wise?

GSU will come out in a lot of single back with three and four WR sets. They will attempt to run and use a screen passing game to set up deep passes. In the first game they ran screens three times in a row, then fake a screen and threw down the field for a touchdown.

On the defensive side the Panthers use a 3-4 set. They are very blitz heavy. They haven't been able to get to the quarterback often- they have forced quick throws and several tackles for loss.

What are the expectations for GSU this season?

Georgia State didn't win a game in 2013. The realistic expectation for wins in the 2014 season was either 2 or 3. Had the Panthers been able to hold on to the 17 point lead against the New Mexico State Aggies they might have been able to get to 4 or 5 wins.

Do you have a prediction for this game?

Lots of Husky players will be able to get into this game. I don't think that the Panthers will be shut out, but I think Washington will be able to score on almost every drive. The final score could be 45-10 Washington.