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The Huskies' Full 2015 Football Schedule Is Out

The dates are set for the victims of the 2015 Husky squad.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

9/3 or 9/4 @ Boise State (Thursday or Friday)

9/12 Sacramento State

9/19 Utah State

9/26 California


10/8 @ USC (Thursday)

10/17 Oregon

10/24 @ Stanford

10/31 Arizona

11/7 Utah

11/14 @ Arizona State

11/21 @ Oregon State

11/27 Washington State (Friday)

12/4 Pac-12 Championship Game

  • The dreaded triple whammy of USC, Oregon, and Stanford is back. So that's cool.
  • UCLA and Colorado rotate off in exchange for USC and Utah. Tougher? Easier? There's an argument either way.
  • This season (2014) the Huskies play all Saturday games, and next year they'll have three non-Saturday games. Many fans have had a lot of complaints about these such games, but I'm guessing that since two of them are on the road, and the one at home is a de-facto holiday the day after Thanksgiving, those gripes will be fewer than in the past.
  • The 2015 season is a 5 home game year in the Pac-12 for the Dawgs, which is always a nice little bonus.