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Washington Huskies Vs Illinois Fighting Illini Second Quarter Recap - UW Leads 38-12

The second quarter opened up with the Dawgs in the red zone. They ran one play: a toss to Dwayne Washington for 12 yards and a touchdown to go up 28-3. The route certainly appeared to be on.

The Illinois offense tried to get cute with a trick play of their own, but it was no dice and ended up a UW party in the backfield and a 6 yard loss. A false start put Illinois in a deep hole, and after a nice bounce on the Illinois punt, UW was back with the ball in their hands looking to expand upon their lead.

The Huskies went in the wrong direction on their first two plays, to set up a 3rd and 17 from their own 1 yard line. A Cyler Miles throw away, and a Korey Durkee fumbled snap gave Illinois a 5 spot with the safety.

Shaq Thompson made another appearance in the endzone, also as a defender after Andrew Hudson forced a sack and fumble, which Thompson scooped and scored with to put UW up 35-5.

UW's defense continued to be stout and sent the Illinois offense back to the sideline after a Kikaha sack. Dante Pettis had a nice punt return which was negated by a holding penalty.

The Husky offense started off well with Mile completing passes and moving the sticks early in the drive, but after a couple of penalties which put them into a 2nd and 27 (and negated a big Lavon Coleman run) and then a 3rd and 19 the drive looked done. They converted the 3rd and 19, but it came back on a hold to create a 3rd and 29. Penalty luck evened out though, on a back shoulder fade to Kasen Williams which was incomplete but UW got a first down on a pass interference. The drive ended with a quick kick, the worst thing in UW's playbook so far this year.

Illinois finally got some offense going after a PI call and a 60 yard TD, both at the expense of Travell Dixon to cut the UW lead to 35-12.

UW was content to just run out the clock and end the half, but Illinois coach Tim Beckman called a timeout, and the Huskies decided to put together a two minute drill. Cyler Miles completed a few passes, they got some help from Illinois in the form of penalties. They got to the ball inside the 5, and Cameron Van Winkle knocked in a chip shot to give the Dawgs a 38-12 lead heading into the half.