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Dot...Dot...Dawg (8/31)

Wrapping up Saturday's game, and gauging reaction to Chris Petersen's debut.

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports
Well, that certainly didn't go the way we predicted. Nevertheless, the Huskies returned to Seattle this morning with a 1–0 record.
  • An ugly win is still a win.

  • Adam Jude and Christian Caple have some post-game video.

  • Check out Sports Radio KJR's various podcast pages for some great gameday audio from the Dawgman crew and the Husky Honks pre-game show (their post-game audio doesn't seem to be posted yet).

  • Ted Miller was decidedly unimpressed with what he saw from the Huskies.

  • Here are Adam Jude and Christian Caple's game recaps, plus some overflow from their respective blogs. Mountain West Connection's Chris L. Turner gives us his game story from Hawaii's point of view. Mason Kelly talks about the game's key play in John Ross' 91-yard touchdown reception, and Jerry Brewer says that he expects this game to be nothing more than an unsightly blemish in Petersen's otherwise sterling resume.