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Washington Game Awards - Hawaii (John Ross Edition)

It wasn't all bad, just mostly bad. We dole out awards, and even some to players who weren't John Ross!

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Player of the Game: John Ross, without a doubt. He was electric, and really the only Husky who provided much of anything on the offensive side of the ball, scoring 12 of the 17 Husky points.

Play of the Game: Trailing 10-7, Jeff Lindquist threw a bomb over the top of the Hawaii defense, a beautiful toss right into Ross's breadbasket, and Ross took it the rest of the way to the house for a 91 yard touchdown. It was the second longest pass in UW history.

Goat of the Game: Jonathan Smith. Calling his first game at the FBS level, his offense looked lost, and unless something gets fixed real quick, questions are going to be asked if he's in over his head. It's too early just yet, but there's too much talent on the team for that kind of performance.

Stat of the Game: Danny Shelton had 2 sacks and 3 tackles for loss. His career highs for a season in those two categories are 2 and 4. He also had 12 total tackles.

Additional Stat of the Game: Hawaii ran 97 offensive plays, mostly due to the UW offense being unable to move the ball in the second half and as a result they kept giving the Warriors the ball right back. When a team runs that many plays, the counting defensive stats aren't going to look great, but the Husky defense was somewhat stout on a per-play basis.

Who Stepped Up: It's hard to not give every award to John Ross, but we'll go with Lavon Coleman here. With the Huskies needing to get tough on the ground at the end of the game, he ran for 37 yards on 6 carries to ice the game on UW's final drive. His performance late may cause a bit of a depth chart shakeup.

The Game Tipped When: It never did. The Huskies took a drive to wake up on offense, and a couple of drives to wake up on defense, but the offense went back into hibernation for the entire second half, and let the Warriors hang around.

It Was Over When: Lavon Coleman ran out of bounds short of the first down for a first down near the end of the game and Hawaii had no more timeouts.

Surprise of the Game: Just how incapable the Huskies were of moving the football. They had 10 drives of five plays or fewer, and 7 drives that did not gain 10 yards. They started the second half with 8 straight punts.

WTF Moment of the Game: I have no idea why, with the ball at the 32 going in and 4th and 8, would you have your quarterback punt the ball. Maybe Jeff Lindquist is secretly a master of the coffin corner or something, but he definitely didn't show it there, as he kicked the ball straight into the endzone. The result was a 12 net yard punt. If you can't kick a field goal from that range, you need just go for it in that situation.