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Washington At Hawaii - Fourth Quarter Recap - UW Wins 17-16

A Hawaii punt, and another garbage possession for the Huskies, who go three and out again (again, again, again) and back to Hawaii the ball goes.

Joey Iosefa gashed the Huskies with a 23 yard gain to inside the redzone, but the Huskies forced a 4th down and a Hawaii field goal, which pulled the Warriors to within a point at 17-16.

The Huskies took over and seemed to have the mentality that they were going to pound the ball, with three straight Lavon Coleman runs, but the third resulted in a fumble, which though recovered by the Dawgs, killed the drive and (stop me if you've heard this one before) punted.

Iosefa pounded the Huskies early, but a Woolsey scramble came up short and the Huskies thankfully forced a punt. I'm getting really tired of writing punt.

Dwayne Washington picked up a nice 11 yard gain to give UW a drive that didn't end in three plays, and the Huskies picked up another first on a swing pass to Washington, which seemed like a goddamn miracle at that point. They moved into Hawaii territory, and faced with 3rd and 7, the Dawgs kept the chains moving with a Jeff Lindquist keep on an option, which put them in field goal range. But on 3rd and 8 Lindquist threw an errant pass, and they quick kicked the ball on the next play, right into the endzone for 12 net yards on the punt. Fantastic decision there.

The defense looked to have nutted up, but on 3rd and 10 Woolsey completed a pass in front of Marcus Peters to convert. Peters made up for it a few plays later, bringing a Hawaii player down behind the line on 3rd down to make Hawaii give the ball back to the Huskies with 2:40 to go.

The Huskies -- needing to run the ball and drain clock -- went to Lavon Coleman for 4 yards, Lavon Coleman for 13 yards and a first down, Lavon Coleman for 10 yards and a first down, Lavon Coleman for 1 yard, Lavon Coleman for no gain, Lavon Coleman for 9 yards and a first down, and that was all she wrote.

My word that sucked.