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Washington At Hawaii - Third Quarter Recap - UW Leads 17-13

UW got the ball to open the half, but a sputtering three and out gave Hawaii the ball almost immediately. A penalty forced Korey Durkee to punt it twice, but much ado about nothing as both punts were fair caught in roughly the same place.

Hawaii gave the ball right back on a three and out of their own, as Ikaika Woolsey was off the mark, and the UW defense finally showed a bit of stoutness against the run. A nice punt for Hawaii pinned the Dawgs at their own 2 yard line.

Jeff Lindquist struggled to open the second half, throwing two incompletions on UW's second drive which resulted in a three and out with the Huskies dangerously punting out of the back of their endzone. It got off freely though, and the 'Bows took over near midfield.

Hawaii's next drive was bailed out by a Jermaine Kelly defensive holding call to get them near the red zone, which ultimately led to a Hawaii field goal to pull within 4 at 17-13.

Lindy woke up to start UW's 3rd drive of the quarter with a long toss to Jaydon Mickens off of play action, followed by a strike to John Ross for a 5 yard gain. Dwayne Washington got the Husky offense to withing 4th and inches, and while Chris Petersen initially looked to roll the dice to go for it near midfield, after a timeout they ultimately punted the ball back to the Warriors.

Hawaii's drive went for naught, and ended with a sack forced by a trio of Huskies -- Travis Feeney, Danny Shelton, and Trevor Walker -- as the pocket collapsed in on Ikaika Woolsey. Jaydon Mickens muffed the punt, but fell on it immediately.

UW followed with some uninspired play, and punted the ball right back to Hawaii.

A drop to by a Hawaii receiver on first down, a short pass that fell incomplete, and a Marcus Peters breakup, forced a UH three and out and punt back to the Dawgs.

Another three and out for the Huskies. Getting pretty frustrating to watch.

Hawaii got back to work in the way that they had done earlier in the game, picking up little bits at a time and converting on third down, while working their way into Husky territory as the quarter ended.