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Five Questions For The Huskies - Hawaii

Every week we look at some of the big questions concerning the Huskies in their upcoming matchup. This week we ask about Jeff Lindquist, the young safety duo, Hau'oli Kikaha, thtie running back committee, and the seating chart.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

1. All eyes will be on Jeff Lindquist. The questions facing him will be: how does he perform as a first time starter playing on the road? How does he handle the pressure of knowing that this game may in fact be an audition? And is it in fact an audition, where a lights out performance gives him a leg up going forward?

2. Replacing Sean Parker and Will Shamburger was always going to be interesting, and the Killer B's -- Brandon Beaver and Budda Baker -- will be tested by Norm Chow. That Baker earned a starting spot from day one adds to the intrigue. There's no question that these two have playmaking ability, but because of their youth and inexperience they have a lot of potential for plays to be made the other way as well. Can they minimize mistakes and keep Hawaii in front of them all game?

3. The word is out about Hau'oli Kikaha -- he's not going to be sneaking up on anybody this year. A better kept secret though, is exactly what his role will be. How much does he line up as a defensive end versus as a linebacker? What kind of situational use will he get?

4. This is exactly the kind of game where the Huskies could have ridden Bushop Sankey to an early and comfortable lead a year ago. Can the running back group accomplish the same behind their veteran offensive line? We should see the Huskies control the line of scrimmage, but can the backs break big runs on once they get past the first level of defenders?

5. Right now the depth chart has been described as more of a seating chart. How much of the backups do we see? Does a guy like Dwayne Washington separate himself? How does the wide receiver rotation look -- do we get a lot of Kasen Williams, or is he babied a bit early? Where is Cory Littleton? Who subs in and out in nickle situations in the secondary and to rush the passer?