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Husky Season Prediction Thread

The season is nearly upon us, so it's time for the UWDP staff to make our predictions for the season, and for you all to make yours in the comments.

Harbaugh say "say what?!?"


  • 13 starts for Cyler Miles.
  • Double digit wins - before the bowl game.
  • Hau'oli Kikaha passes Daniel Te'o Nesheim to become UW's all time sacks leader.
  • One of Kikaha, Marcus Peters, Shaq Thompson, or Danny Shelton will be an All-American.


  • Lear Pilot will chide us for not relying more on metrics like FEI and S&P
  • Chris will give up Michelob Ultra and become a Busch man
  • Brad and Darin will be forced to give up writing duties at the UWDP as their Eagles tribute band explodes in popularity
  • Anthony will take a self-imposed exile from Twitter for a year, saying "been there, done that - what's next?"
  • On a more serious note, the Chris Petersen effect will pay immediate dividends as the Huskies - riding a strong running game and the conference's top front 7 on defense - finish 11-3 with a win in the Holiday Bowl despite a season-long battle for the starting QB job between Lindquist & Miles


  • Dwayne Washington will have 4+ rushing touchdowns of 40+ yards.
  • At least one Husky will end the season a 1st team All-American, but it will not be Shaq Thompson.
  • Washington will only lose one game by more than one touchdown.
  • The Huskies will never fall lower than #25 in the AP rankings.
  • UW will take 2+ kicks/punts to the house while allowing zero return TDs.


  • Cyler Miles will start every Pac-12 game.
  • Washington's offensive line will rank in the nation's top-15 for sacks allowed.
  • Kasen Williams' first game of the season with double-digit catches will come against Cal.
  • Jermaine Kelly will get burned by a receiver's double-move that goes for a touchdown exactly one time.
  • Either Dwayne Washington or Lavon Coleman will rush for 1,000 yards, and the duo will combine for at least 1,600.


  • Budda Baker is a starter day 1 (ok I cheated)
  • Huskies Start 6... No screw it 7-0
  • Miles starts more games than Lindquist.
  • The String of 1000 yard rushers ends. But at least two have 800.
  • I will bark exactly 724 times during the Oregon game
  • Which happens to equal the number of beers I will drink during the loss the next week to ASU
  • Danny Shelton will win some awards
  • Marcus Peters becomes a first round pick.
  • Holiday Bowl Victory


  • Shaq Thompson will have fewer than 10 total touches on offense, but will have both an offensive and defensive touchdown for the season
  • Two Husky quarterbacks will throw for over 1,000 yards on the year
  • The Huskies will have a first team All-Conference offensive lineman
  • Dwayne Washington keeps the string of 1,000-yard rushers alive
  • Jaydon Mickens will lead the team in receptions and yards, but not TD's
  • A Husky running back or receiver will throw a touchdown pass


  • Washington makes it to the CFP
  • No Husky receivers break 1,000 yards, but 5 get more that 500 yards
  • John Ross takes the first kickoff he gets to the house
  • Danny Shelton wins Pac-12 defensive player of the year
  • Shaq Thompson has more TDs than sacks and interceptions combined


  • The Huskies get back to 10 wins for the first time in nearly 15 years, but it takes a bowl win to do it.
  • The defense is the best seen at Washington since Lambright was coaching, especially at home, but the offense has major struggles.
  • They win a couple of games that they shouldn't, maybe even compete with Oregon, but also drop a couple of games that they probably shouldn't.


  • Washington takes two of three among the Stanford, Oregon and UCLA games
  • Budda Baker wins Freshman Defensive Player of the Year award mostly for his play on offense and special teams (am I right, Myles Jack?)
  • Shaq Thompson gets five picks and five rushing TDs on the season. One of this picks is of the "Pick-6" variety
  • Hau'oli Kikaha registers 14 sacks and passes Daniel Teo-Nesheim as UW's all-time sack leader
  • Chris Petersen makes visors cool again as the UW Bookstore can't keep them in stock


  • This is the year we beat Oregon. Write it down.

We made our predictions, now you make yours.