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Top Huskies For 2014 - #6: Cyler Miles

The Husky quarterback race is far from settled, but Cyler Miles is the only proven option the Dawgs have on the roster.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

A year ago when Cyler Miles stepped in for Keith Price, he did everything you could hope a freshman backup would accomplish. He completed over 60% of his passes for 418 yards (for a not-great-but-respectable 6.9 yards per attempt) and 4 touchdowns against 2 interceptions while also carrying for 200 yards on (a team leading for players not named Travis Coons) 8.7 yards per carry.

In Miles's three major appearances last season, the results were more than encouraging. Against Idaho State he demolished them -- exactly as you'd hope and expect considering the talent gap -- to the tune of 97 passing yards, a TD, and 89 rushing yards for a staggering 16.9 yards every time he touched the ball. Against UCLA he was put in a tough situation, down 10 on the road coming in cold due to injury and though he threw a couple of interceptions late he made enough plays to keep the game within 10 points, including tossing a couple of TDs. Against Oregon State he was efficient in his role as more of a caretaker to the running game, helping with blocking by occupying a man on zone reads, while also keeping the chains moving when called upon.

Miles showed everything you need to see from a quarterback who'll be successful at the college level. Much has been made about his throwing motion and lack of arm strength, but we've seen numerous times before in college football that that is something that can be worked around -- and Chris Petersen especially has a proven track record of doing so. A weak arm can be made up for with accuracy, anticipation and intelligence, all of which are traits we've seen Miles demonstrate in his limited time on the field.

Should Cyler Miles win the starting job -- which is certainly not a given -- he has shown that he has the tools to put together a big season. He's is unquestionably at this point UW's most proven QB having produced on multiple occasions including against a top-25 team as well as a Pac-12 North rival. The Huskies will be more than fine with whichever quarterback wins the job, but the evidence points to Cyler Miles being the most dangerous option for Husky opponents in 2014.