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Camp Buzz: Lindquist to Start at QB vs Hawaii

The buzz around camp continue to change. Check out the latest!

Harry How

As the season opener looms ever closer, the questions surrounding the always-allusive "starting lineup," and who the backups will be are slowly getting answered. We've got news about the kickers, the offensive line, the quartebacks :

***Updated 1:30pm***

The big news, of course, is the revelation that Jeff Lindquist will start at QB against Hawaii

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If you were wondering about the kickoff situation, check this out.

It appears that, while Cameron Van Winkle will be taking the majority of the kickoffs, Tristan Vizcaino will be chipping in as well, probably to spare Cameron from unneccesary strain on his back. It looks like the staff is planning on scoring a bunch of points this year, and Van Winkle is going to need some help with the huge number of kickoffs that will be coming.

A little about some freshmen receivers:

Apparently there's been some moving and shaking on the offensive line (honestly there hasn't been much):

Here's the dots:

  • Colin Tanigawa has been getting reps exclusively at center the past month, instead of right guard, where he previously played. He's been splitting reps with Mike Criste, and apparently the competition between the two is quite, well, competitive.

If you have any doubts about Colin's fall camp, check this out:

  • There's been a very large emphasis on getting "beefier," if that's a word ... James Atoe (right guard) is the biggest lineman, weighing in at a very burly 381 (up from 341) ... while Dexter Charles (left guard) has gained 22 pounds since last season and is up to 311.
  • The biggest difference this year is the experience of the front 5 and large amount of depth behind those guys.