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Top Huskies For 2014 - #8: Micah Hatchie

The Huskies' anchor at left tackle is back for his third straight year as a starter. It's time for the senior to put it all together.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Micah Hatchie has been a rock for UW's offensive line over the past three seasons. He has played in 39 of a possible 39 games since coming off of his redshirt season, and has started the past 26 games.

Hatchie's career arc has been one of consistent improvement: he was backup to Senio Kelemete as a redshirt freshman, a struggling starter as a sophomore, and then an honorable mention All-Pac-12 player as a junior. Unfortunately for Hatchie, he was in such a bad situation as a sophomore that he still carries the reputation that he earned that year with him. He was not ready to be a Pac-12 starting left tackle but was the team's best option to play there, so into the fire he went. Add to that the plague of injuries to the guys who were supposed to be playing next to him and you get a disaster where Hatchie may have been the best offensive lineman the Huskies had in 2012 while also taking the most criticism.

That Hatchie rebounded from that year and got votes for the All-Pac-12 team speaks to his resiliency, talent, and development. Part of his improvement was definitely the offensive shift to a more quick-strike offense, but he also was just flat out better.

With a young quarterback coming in to take over the reigns of the offense, Micah Hatchie will need to continue to get better - and he should. There's some debate as to who UW's best offensive lineman is, but in terms of tools, Hatchie is the most talented. This is the season when those tools get put to full use.