Be a Better Fan: Learn the Game (Xs & Os Resources)

By Jeffness at en.wikipedia

I am an avid reader of articles on the web about football strategy and tactics, particularly on the offensive side of the ball.

I have started compiling useful articles and links from many corners of the web (though a huge number of them come from SB Nation sites) and organizing them. This isn't anywhere near complete. If you like it and are interested, I will continue to update it.

It definitely skews toward the formations, tactics, and strategies used in the modern game. If you only want to read about the stuff Bear Bryant or Vince Lombardi did, go check out a book from the library.

I hope you enjoy it and find it informative and useful.

If you have an article relating to these or any other related topics that you think is particularly good, feel free to PM me with a link. I'll look at it and will probably include it.

If I make updates, I will show new updates in some distinctive font to make browsing easier. I will also keep a record of any updates below:


8/14/14: First post

Xs and Os Resources

General Concepts:



Understanding Defensive Structures:

Coverage Principles:

Gaps and Force Players:


Offensive Line Basics:

Run Blocking Basics:

Pass Blocking Basics:

Man/Power Blocking:

Traps and Counters:

The Buck Sweep:

Inside Zone:

Outside Zone:

Zone Read & Other Read Concepts:

Passing Game Basics:

Basic Short Game Concepts:

The Smash Concept:

Four Verticals Concept:

Passing Oriented Offenses:

Air Raid:

Run and Shoot (RnS):

Packaged Plays:

HUNH Philosophy:

  • Good overview of Malzahn's HUNH principles in two parts - posted 6/6/14: Part 1 Part 2

Bigger Picture Articles that Still Have lots of Xs and Os goodies: