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Aziz N'Diaye to play on Los Angeles Clippers Summer League team

He won't be joining C.J. Wilcox, however.

Stephen Dunn

The man who anchored the middle of the Husky defense for three years, Aziz N'Diaye, will be playing with the Los Angeles Clippers Summer League team for the 2014 season. After his senior season in 2012-2013, N'Diaye played in Spain, and most recently played in Germany for the Fraport SKY. This does not mean he is going to be, or even has much of a chance to be, a member of the team next season.

The Clippers already  have another former Husky on their roster, recently drafted C.J. Wilcox. However, it was discovered in a post-draft physical that Wilcox is suffering from a shoulder injury and will not be able to play in the Summer League. This is a big blow to Wilcox's chances of making an early impact on the team, as the Orlando and Las Vegas Summer Leagues are the first chance a player gets to compete with other NBA talent, his team, and under the supervision of his new coaching staff.

The Summer League is typically a proving ground for young players who want to try to make it to the back end of a roster, as they get to compete with other young players, including draft picks and other young bench players. If someone has been in the NBA for three years or more, they are no longer eligible to play in the Summer League.

Scott Suggs is currently on the roster for the Orlando Magic after playing in the D-League last season. Abdul Gaddy is not listed as a participant in the Summer League despite having been involved in the D-League last year as well.