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Dot...Dot...Dawg (7/28)

The Husky family mourns one of its own, identifying the cream of the Pac-12 crop, and evaluating Coach Pete's first Pac-12 Media Days event.

Abner Thomas, a longtime face in the Washington Department of Athletics, has passed away.
Abner Thomas, a longtime face in the Washington Department of Athletics, has passed away.
Keep your friends close, and your Dots closer.
  • The Husky family lost one of their own yesterday.
  • Adam Jude summarizes Chris Petersen's first Pac-12 Media Day.

  • Chris Dufresne at the L.A. Times calls Petersen at Washington a "perfect fit."

  • It's good to know that if Hau'oli Kikaha's swim move is neutralized, he can always resort to his mixed martial arts background.

  • Gregg Bell writes about Colby Gilbert, who is poised to become Washington's newest Cross Country phenom.

  • Cheng-Tsung Pan didn't make the final cut at the British Open, but that doesn't mean that Husky fans shouldn't take pride in his accomplishments.

  • Washington's new football coach is the most successful in the country when coming off of a bye week. (H/T: Christian Caple)

  • ESPN's Pac-12 bloggers have begun to reveal the preseason list of their top 25 players in the conference. No Huskies are included in Nos. 25 to 21, but here's thinking that they won't skunk the Dawgs entirely this year.

  • In addition to the conference rankings, ESPN's overall college football staff is ranking the top 100 players heading in to the 2014 season, too. No Huskies sighted yet between Nos. 100 and 91, or 90 to 81.

  • In this ESPN Insider piece, Steve Bisheff writes that Steve Sarkisian and Chris Petersen are linked by the circumstances in which both are associated with the Husky and Trojan programs.

  • The Lakeland (Fla.) Ledger says that Austin Seferian-Jenkins is playing catch-up as he tries to acclimate to the speed of the NFL.

  • Lorenzo Romar has reeled in his latest recruit.
  • Mark Helfrich spoke at last week's Pac-12 Media Days about his relationship with Chris Petersen.
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  • The Pac-12 is making an eight-figure investment into researching athlete safety, focusing especially on the dangers of head trauma.

  • Arizona State comes in at No. 47 in Paul Myerberg's countdown of college football teams.

  • Rich Rod has little and less patience for coaches such as Nick Saban and Brett Bielema, who advocate rule changes that would slow the pace of modern college football.

  • Penn State has hired former Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour to the same position in Happy Valley.

  • Rumors abound that Mike Leach may unexpectedly retire in order to compete in the new season of America's Next Top Model.