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Gekko Chats: Q&A with SiriusXM's Chris Childers

Chris Childers, the host of Sirius XM's top-rated College Sports Coast to Coast, stopped by the 'Pound to give us an update on what is happening in his life and to provide us his insights into the upcoming College Football Season.

Chris Childers (left) pictured with U.S. Men's Soccer Team star Clint Dempsey
Chris Childers (left) pictured with U.S. Men's Soccer Team star Clint Dempsey

One of the things that we are trying to do more of here at the UW Dawg Pound is give our readers additional access to various personalities around Husky Athletics and College Sports. Those readers who happen to be in their cars (or airplanes) for many hours every week are undoubtedly familiar with the excellent college sports programming found on Sirius XM's channel 91.

One of the top-rated shows on that channel is hosted by Chris Childers and is called College Sports Coast-to-Coast. For those of you unfamiliar with Childers' work, he is a super-passionate college fan who takes a national view on his program. He is one of the few that doesn't exhibit an "East Coast Bias" and I have found him to be one of the most knowledgeable and charismatic personalities covering college athletics.

Chris is a friend of the 'Pound and he sat down with us for a little Q&A just in time for Pac 12 Media day. Enjoy our interview and don't forget to give Chris a follow on Twitter.  He tweeted some love to UW just yesterday.

Chris, thanks for taking the time to do this Q&A with the 'Pound. Since we last interacted a year ago, you've had some changes in your life both professionally and personally. What has been going on and what has you really excited right now in the world of Chris Childers?

Chris Childers:  It has been an unbelievable year to say the least! Just days before the 2014 BCS Championship game my wife and I welcomed our very first baby girl, Morgan, into the world. So, obviously, that was a huge life change for the better. As far as work, I'm just excited to continue to do what I do for a living. There is nothing like getting up every day and knowing you are going to talk college football for three hours with people who love the sport as much as I do and get paid for doing it.

The big buzz in Husky world these days is the impact that Chris Petersen, the proverbial "Moby Dick" of the college coaching world, will have now that he has taken over a relatively well-stocked program in the Pac 12. What do you think of the fit of Coach Pete in Montlake?

Chris Childers:  I mean what a hire!  Chris Peterson has been the most coveted prize in college coaching for years now and the Huskies were able to land him! I can see why this was the spot he chose. Unbelievable facilities, great city, great fan base and a program with plenty of tradition. I think this was the home run of home run hires. Fit seems perfect and future of Huskies football seems very bright.

The last time we spoke, you offered an optimistic outlook on Steve Sarkisian and his prowess as a rising young coach. Since then, Sark has taken the bold step of moving back to his hometown and taking over the reigns at USC. What do you think of the fit between Sark and the Trojans? Brilliant fit or simply "more of the same" post-Lane Kiffin?

Chris Childers: I guess I am in the wait-and-see mindset. I do think Steve Sarkisian is a quality coach who certainly understands the landscape of the program at USC. Do I think USC could have made a better hire? Sure. But it's not to say that he won't have success in Los Angeles. In fact, I think the Trojans can be pretty darn good this year. There is plenty of talent at USC that just may thrive in the no huddle, up-tempo scheme that Sarkisian installed at Montlake last season.

In the Pac 12 North, there is a sense among some fans that playing field is starting to level a bit as the stalwarts of the last few years - Stanford and Oregon - suffer the cumulative affect of player and coaching losses. Do you see a changing of the guard in the P12 North on the horizon and, if so, how do the Huskies fit into your outlook?

Chris Childers: I don't see that as reality. Stanford and Oregon aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I think teams like Washington certainly have the ability to catch up with them but based on the talent they have recruited over the last several years I don't see the Ducks or Cardinal slipping anytime soon. I also really like both programs leadership with Mark Helfrich and David Shaw installed as head coaches.

The big news in 2014 is the arrival of a college playoff system.  What are the implications of the new playoff system to regular season scheduling for the Big 5 conference schools?

Chris Childers: I expect to see more match-ups between teams that I'm not used to seeing play each other. If you are going to play a 9 game league schedule, I'd like to see the power programs really go out and play some super tough opponents in at least two of their non-conference games. For example, I'm very excited to watch the Oregon-Michigan State game this fall. That is is very non-traditional match-up that is dripping with appeal. We need more stuff like that in college football.  Its good for the game and good for fans.