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Chris Petersen Media Day Interview Part 1

Coach talks about Troy Williams, Naijiel Hale, and a lot of Cyler Miles.

Otto Greule Jr
Really good to be here. Appreciate everybody being here. I thought you guys might be worn out by this time. I'd like to introduce two of our players that we have here. I think these guys are special guys not only because of the type of players they are, but the type of people they are. With the transition, transitions are hard, and I think it can be really, really hard on the old guys that have had their coaches for quite a while, and here comes some new guy trying to tellthem how to do things. These guys have embraced us, and the culture we're trying to get done. I've been so proud of them, and honored to coach them and really excited to watch these guys go.
Our first guy is our defensive end, spectacular player. Did some great things last year as well, Hau'oli Kikaha, back corner. And our offensive tackle has played a lot of games for the Huskies and doing a great job. He's going to have a fabulous season, Ben Riva. With that being said, fire away.
Can you talk a little about the quarterback, Troy Williams?
Yeah, so Troy did a great job in spring. We only had two quarterbacks in spring, Troy, Jeff Lindquist, so they got a zillion reps and they threw every drill, every team rep because that's all we had, except for me. I had to throw a few and that was not good. But he's making good progress. I'm anxious to see what he does in the start of fall camp.
Can you talk about the impact Naijiel Hale has coming in?
Yeah, so we need some help in our secondary without question. Lost three out of four starters. So there will be some young guys that have to get in the mix and play. So I'm anxious. Best thing about media day is when it's over you're going to get back and started with our guys. Guys like that, have to watch themto see what they can do football wise to watch all those guys out there to see what they can do.
I think he's a good player. Comes from a great program. Played a really high level of football. Made plays against good receivers. I think our defensive back coach is one of the first guys to even offer Naijiel.
How far behind is he [Cyler Miles]?
Oh, he's behind because he didn't do anything with spring ball. But he's been back for a while working out with us. He's been doing a nice job. We're excited to get him back in there and teach him our system. You know, we thought it was appropriate that he is going to miss the first game as well. He's already been through a lot. To be put behind the eight-ball, and he'll reinforce it, and missing the game.
But we are moving forward from that game forward. That quarterback position is wide open. We need to get Cyler in there to compete with those guys and see what he can do.
Will Cyler still get an opportunity to try and be the starting quarterback?
Yeah, absolutely. He'll be in there competing. Trying to be the starting quarterback from game one.
How has he handled being back inthe program?
I think he's done a good job. He's done everything right or he wouldn't be with us. He's done everything right. Guys make mistakes. Certainly at that age group, we always say, hey, the age group we're dealing with is the dumbest age group in America, and it happens to be so public. Guys make mistakes, and the important thing is we learn from it and become better people.
Do you sense he’s learned from it?
I think he has. Time will tell. He's done everything right since he's been back with us.
Are you satisfied with how minor his role was in the incident?
Yeah, we took I think some pretty hard action, but things were still being decided. He didn't do anything with us football-wise. They do have a brand-new staff teaching this, taking a guy out in that position is pretty tough. We're also going to sit in the first game. I think that's exciting.
Was Demore’ea [Stringfellow] welcomed back to the team or did he decide to transfer on his own?
Yeah, Demore'ea decided to transfer.
Would he have faced a stiffer suspension if he hadn’t?
I'm not going to get into all those things.