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Cyler Miles Suspended For Washington's Hawaii Opener

The Huskies will have to turn to Jeff Lindquist or Troy Williams.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Huskies will be without their presumed favorite to win the starting QB job as Cyler Miles will be suspended for the Hawaii opener.

Miles is easily UW's most experienced QB, playing in eight games last season and starting in Washington's blowout win against Oregon State. He completed 37 of 61 passes (60.7%) for 418 yards, 4 TD's with 2 INT's.

The spotlight will move to Jeff Lindquist and Troy Williams for the opener. Lindquist played sparingly as UW's 3rd stringer in 2013, getting into action against Idaho State and Oregon State. Troy Williams redshirted a year ago and has not played a down.

How this changes the QB battle going forward will be interesting. If Miles is the #1 QB, but sits out against Hawaii, what happens if Lindquist or Williams tears Hawaii apart (which is easy to envision, with Hawaii returning a defense that F/+ had ranked 67th)? It could certainly change things.