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"The Drive" To Feature UCLA - How Do Husky Fans Feel About Jim Mora Now?

Have the events of UW's recent coaching search changed the attitude toward UCLA's head coach?

The Pac-12 Network's TV show The Drive will follow the UCLA Bruins this season. Of course their head coach Jim Mora will be featured heavily.

Mora was as little as a year ago beloved by many Husky fans because of his history as a Husky as well as his "dream job" comments from his time in Atlanta. But the question is: given the events at the end of the 2013 regular season with the University of Washington coaching search, has that attitude changed?

It seemed like Jim Mora was the #1 call on Scott Woodward's list of candidates to replace Steve Sarkisian. With his quick success at UCLA, the recruiting chops he has displayed in a short time, and his status as a proven head coach, it would certainly make sense.

But Jim Mora did not seem too interested in taking the Washington job. He was coy about it during the search, and managed to get himself a nice raise from UCLA out of it. Was he ever interested? Did he just use UW as leverage for more money? Was UW ever really interested in him? Did any of this cool the UW fanbase's affinity for Jim L. Mora?