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Stewart Mandel's Profile Of Chris Petersen

The first major chunk of Husky coverage from media day is here in the form of a FOX profile of UW's new head coach.

Otto Greule Jr

Stewart Mandel profiled Chris Petersen yesterday, and the article was released today. Most of this stuff is fairly well worn territory; if you've been reading the stuff that has come out about Petersen over the past eight or so months then you've heard it all before. Wake me up when they play a game, right? Nevertheless, here are some highlights:

On coming to Washington and playing in the Pac-12

"I was under no illusions -- my life got harder coming to take this job. I get it," Petersen told "When I was in the Pac-10 as an assistant at Oregon [from 1995-2000], every game was a dog fight, and it’s just gotten harder and harder to win since."

About the Duck relationship with Washington when Petersen was in Eugene:

"I remember like it was yesterday when I was there, a lot of our sights were set on Washington," he said. "I don’t think Washington had much interest in Oregon."

On Cyler Miles:

Miles remains the favorite to claim the starting job but will clearly have to win the trust of his new coach.

"Cyler's kind of the wild card," said Petersen. "He played last year, but we weren't here. We have a new offense so we have to get him up to speed."

About replicating Boise's successful formula at Washington:

"Every good team is going to play with a chip on your shoulder," said Petersen. "I don’t necessarily think we were overlooked [at Boise]. People put that on us. I just think our guys liked to play, and play hard, and that’s what we’d like to do at Washington as well."