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C.J. Wilcox: Where does he fit in the 2014 NBA Draft?

The senior shooting guard is expecting to hear his name called during the NBA Draft on Thursday night. Where can he fit in and how will he make an impact during the 2014-2015 NBA season?

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Senior sharpshooter C.J. Wilcox is expected to hear his name called anywhere from the twenties to the early second round during the 2014 NBA Draft on Thursday. With his scoring ability, 3-point shooting, and maturity, Wilcox has a chance to make an immediate impact for whoever decides to pick him. Here is how Wilcox can contribute for some potential landing spots.

Houston Rockets (Round 1, Pick 25)

Rockets head coach Kevin McHale found himself in an unfortunate situation as Houston faced the Portland Trailblazers in game 6 of the first round of the NBA Playoffs. As McHale looked down his bench, he saw very few players he could trust putting into the game. Five players finished with DNP's that night as the Rockets were eliminated. Little known rookie Troy Daniels was the only shooter who the Rockets could confidently bring off the bench. Wilcox could come in and be Houston's best bench scoring option from the get-go if the Rockets decide to take him at pick 25. Besides scoring, Wilcox gives the Rockets someone they can feel confident bringing off the bench as a defender, something they lack on their current bench. The Rockets finished 16th in three-point shooting a year ago, and at the least Wilcox could provide a boost in that category.

Milwaukee Bucks (Round 2, Pick 1)

The Bucks were bad last year. I mean really bad. The 76ers lost 26 games in a row and Milwaukee still finished with a worse record. I challenge you to name three players on the Bucks roster off the top of your head. If he is drafted by the Bucks, Wilcox will have plenty of opportunities to come of the bench and shoot . The Bucks finished third to last in points per game last season and would call on Wilcox to be of their go-to scorers if they choose him with this pick.  As a 23 year old senior who's been through both the ups and downs of college basketball, Wilcox could be called upon to be a leader with Milwaukee's young, inexperienced, and sometimes immature roster. Wilcox can learn from veteran shooting guard O.J. Mayo and have plenty of opportunites to show he belongs in the NBA if he goes to the Bucks.

Philadelphia 76ers (Round 2, Pick 2)

The 76ers finished last in three-point shooting last season, which comes as no surprise since their backcourt includes Michael Carter-Williams and Tony Wroten. 3-point shooting is obviously Wilcox's best skill, and Philadelphia's biggest need, so this pick makes a lot of sense. I don't see Wilcox falling past Philadelphia (they pick again with the ninth pick in the second round). Philadelphia has no problem giving young players lots of opportunities and Wilcox would be no different. Personally I would love to see him team up with Wroten again as they both try to make a name for themselves in the NBA.

Where will C.J. be drafted tomorrow night? Which team do you want to see him go to? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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