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Better/Worse/Neutral: Cornerback

With Greg Ducre gone, the Huskies are in search of a counterpart for Marcus Peters.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Returning: Travell Dixon (SR), Jermaine Kelly (RS-FR), Marcus Peters (JR)

Losses: Greg Ducre, Patrick Enewally, Cleveland Wallace, Tre Watson

Additions: Naijiel Hale, Brandon Lewis, Sidney Jones

The Husky corner position returns one of the top corners in the country in Marcus Peters. There's no questions there; he's a lock down defender who makes plays on the football gives opposing offenses fits.

The questions that the Huskies face at the position come at the other side of the field, where they have to replace Greg Ducre. The odds-on favorite to win the position is Jermaine Kelly, who to this point in his career seems to be on trajectory to become a star. He was one of the top defensive back recruits in the country as a high school senior and though he redshirted his first year on campus, he earned accolades winning the Mark Drennan Defensive Scout Squad MVP award.

Travell Dixon arrived to big expectations being rated among the top junior college players in the country when he signed with the Huskies. But to date, there has been little to show for it. That could be because he has been behind pro's and future pros in Desmond Trufant, Peters, and Ducre, but we'll find out this year for sure. Even if he doesn't win a starting spot, he'll likely get playing time as a nickle defender as well as rotational snaps at corner.

The DB class that was signed the past February was huge and talented (and it's still a question of who will end up playing where), and the lack of depth at corner will likely force at least one of them into playing time as the season wears on.

Verdict: Neutral. Replacing a senior is not always an easy task, but there's enough to like about Jermaine Kelly to be hopefully optimistic. Truthfully, the duo of Peters and Kelly is not unlike the duo we saw from the Huskies in 2012 with Trufant and Peters. We've got a fourth year, All-American talent veteran paired with an upstart redshirt freshman. It turned out pretty well the last time. What may make the group seem like it has taken a step backward is that there won't be much experience behind them providing over the top help, but the play at corner should be at least as good as it was a year ago.