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Dot...Dot...Dawg (6/11)

NFL news concerning Bishop and Austin, comparing the Pac-12's returning offensive line starters, and previewing Washington's opponents for the upcoming season.

Take it from me: When there's not a lot of breaking news, nothing generates pageviews like photos of cheerleaders.
Take it from me: When there's not a lot of breaking news, nothing generates pageviews like photos of cheerleaders.
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"You see," Frank whispered, his eyes focused on something unseen in the horizon, "it doesn't matter what a man does with his last breath. It's the breaths that come before it that matter. All those hopes and dreams add up to a whole bunch of Dots that make him what he is. Best not forget that."
  • Coach Lambo simultaneously gave Coach Pete high praise and a high standard to meet.

  • I don't know how I missed this, but the inimitable Paul Myerberg has already begun his ranking of all 128 major college football programs. He's already covered many of Washington's opponents: No. 125 Georgia StateNo. 123 HawaiiNo. 101 Colorado, and No. 84 Illinois. (UPDATE: I forgot to include No. 116 California. Thanks to reader UWdadVanc for keeping me honest.)

  • Dan Rubenstein has a good interview with Bishop Sankey about how he hopes to be used by the Titans in his debut season.

  • Ted Miller tallied up the number of starts that each Pac-12 North and South team returns on their offensive line, and lo and behold, Washington leads the with 124 returning starts. It's not even close: the next-most experienced team is Oregon, whose line boasts 107 returning starts. This is a far cry from the last couple of years, when discussions in these parts about the offensive line were mostly about how everyone wanted Dan Cozzetto fired, and which freshmen's redshirt would be the least damaging to burn.

  • Ted also earmarks the Washington-Illinois contest as one of this year's top-10 most intriguing out-of-conference games, which I think speaks volumes about how weak the overall Pac-12 out-of-conference schedule is this year.

  • It's always nice to see a new coach ingratiate himself to the community. Coach Pete did exactly that by throwing out the first pitch at last night's Mariners game. (As a side note: Damn, those are a lot of empty seats in the outfield.)

  • Austin Seferian-Jenkins had his own conversation with Dan Rubenstein about living in Florida and how he hopes to be utilized in his first season in The League.

  • Bleacher Report (I know some of you—hell, most of you—hate BR, but bear with me) says that Washington-Arizona State is one of the most likely matchups for this year's Pac-12 championship game. (However, they immediately damn the idea with faint praise by calling it a "semi-realistic choice.") Call me a homer, but I think Washington has a much better chance of making the game than Arizona State, which has to replace virtually its entire defense.

  • Northwest Cable News calls 2014 a "make-or-break year" for Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker.

  • On the hard court front, the Deseret News reports that C.J. Wilcox had a quality workout with the Utah Jazz.

Question of the Day

Ted Miller's ranking of returning offensive linemen starts in the Pac-12 got me thinking about what exactly that level of experience means to a team. Being an author for this blog for the last couple of years has taught me nothing if not that a great many of our readers covet beef above all else, and believe that controlling the line of scrimmage is the most important part of the game, bar none. With that said, what are your thoughts about Washington having the most experienced offensive line of any team in the conference? Do you think that their experience will pay off in a measurable way, or is its importance overblown?