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Prediction Time: Where Will Huskies Get Drafted?

The NFL Draft: still the worst.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL draft is one of the worst times of year for a college football fan. Sure, it's fun to see where guys get drafted, watch their highlights as the go off the board, and learn what the NFL thinks of them, but it's maddening at the same time. In the run up to the draft we hear reports about what players can or can't do, often based on a workout in shorts, or an "anonymous scout" says something baffling about a player that seems to have no basis in reality.

For instance, this year with Bishop Sankey has been all over the place. Before the combine there were concerns about his speed and ability to catch the ball. We -- who have watched him play for three years -- could have told any scout that he's fast enough and catches the ball just fine. And what happens? At the combine he runs fast and catches the ball well. Mike Mayock raves about him, calls him the number one back in the class, then somebody else says that his vision is questionable because he had some bad runs agains Stanford (news flash: a lot of running backs had a lot more bad runs against Stanford, their defense was ok). Whispers start coming about that his athleticism overall isn't great, then the NFL releases a vine of him making a catch while doing a backflip.

So clearly, this is an unpredictable and volatile situation we're dealing with, but where do you think this class of Huskies will get drafted (if at all)?

Here are the names of the candidates as a reminder:

Bishop Sankey

Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Kevin Smith

Keith Price

Sean Parker

Greg Ducre

Will Shamburger

James Johnson