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May Football Recruiting Update

We take a look at who the Huskies have offered, who has committed, how many they may take at each position, and look at a couple guys committed elsewhere who may still be in play.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is a quick rundown of who holds an offer from this staff. If you've followed this kind of thing in the past, you'll notice that the number is much smaller than what we saw from the previous staff. The number in parenthesis is an estimate of how many bodies they'll try to sign in the 2015 class.

QB: (1)

Jake Browning 4* COMMITTED

With Browning, UW's top target for the 2015 class, already committed, the Huskies are done recruiting the QB position. QB's generally do less flip-flopping than other positions, so expect Browning to be a Husky come the first Wednesday of February.

RB: (2)

Myles Gaskin 4* COMMITTED

Malik Lovette 4*

Cameron Scarlett 4*

Marcel Brown 3*

Paul Lucas 3*

Traveon Samuel 3*

Dedrick Young 3*


The Huskies again got their top target, but would like to add another body to shore up depth at RB, and to aid what was a weak 2014 class there. Joyner is a Cougar commit for now, but there's a long way to go yet, and many don't believe that he'll end up in crimson and gray. If the Huskies decide they want him at defensive back -- right now they don't -- or if he changes his mind and decides he wants to play RB, UW will be right back in it.

WR: (3)

DaMarkus Lodge 5*

Lavan Alston 4*

Kanya Bell 4*

Cordell Broadus 4*

Desean Holmes 4*

Trent Irwin 4*

Christian Kirk 4*

Chico McClatcher 4*

Equanimeous St. Brown 4*

Andre Baccellia 3*

Jeremy Kelly 3*

Adam Turner 3*

Pay no mind to the inflated WR star rankings -- the recruiting services do this every single year. The Huskies still are in a bit of a bind depth-wise at WR, so they should be looking to load up at this position. If they can get a bunch of guys they like, they could add four or so bodies.

TE: (1)

Will Gragg 4*

Tyler Petite 3*

This was a position that a year or so ago, looked like they may be struggling if they didn't get some bodies in. Now, they position has great depth and balance across the classes that they have the luxury of trying to just bring in a guy every year.

OL: (5)

Trey Adams 3* COMMITTED

Roy Hemsley 4*

Andre James 4*

Bar Milo 4*

Henry Roberts 4*

George Brown 3*

James Empey 3*

Steve Miller 3*

Zach Robertson 3*

Calvin Throckmorton 3*

Semisi Uluave 3*

With five seniors in this class, look for Chris Strausser to try to load up this year. The need will be alleviated by the numbers they brought in in 2014, so they may only take four, but the line has been that they're going to try to recruit one-for-one on the offensive line for the most part. Henry Roberts is the local jewel that would be the highlight of the class, and his recruitment seems to be coming down to Stanford and UW.

DE: (4)

Rasheem Green 5*

Canton Kaumatule 5*

Keisean Lucier-South 5*

Benning Potoa'e 4*

Tyrone Wheatley 4*

Joseph Wicker 4*

Mufi Hunt 3*

Jason Scrempos 3*

Rick Wade NR

Joseph Wicker was a onetime UW verbal, and the Huskies are still hard on his heels. There's mutual interest, and the Huskies may just be the favorite here. Potoa'e is a familiar name, with his brother having just graduated this past year. There's a bit of a gap in talent at DE in the mid years on the roster (just one junior), so they may load up a bit in this class.

DT: (2)

Khalil McKenzie 5*

Jacob Daniel 4*

Tevita Mounga 3*

Daniel was an enormous commit under Steve Sarkisian, and unfortunately it appears that he'll follow the previous staff down to USC. He's also considering Oregon, so looks like the Huskies are out of it for him. You'd always like to bring in a couple widebodies in the middle, but talented ones are so scarce on the west coast that the Huskies may not get two.

LB: (4)

Rick DeBerry 5*

John Houston 5*

Porter Gustin 4*

Ben Humphreys 4*

Osa Masina 4*

Cassius Peat 4*

DJ Beavers 3*

Landis Durham 3*

Richard Moore 3*

Davon Durant JUCO

Claude George JUCO

Kyler Manu 3* BOISE STATE

The current crop of linebackers is one of the best in the country, but behind them is a lot of question marks. Talent, sure, but very little has been seen on the field, so the staff is casting a wide net and looking at some junior college players as insurance policies. Kyler Manu is a recent offer, though he's committed to BSU there's no doubt the staff has a relationship with him being that he was right in their back yard, and there's a good chance they can pry him away from the Broncos.

DB: (3)

Iman Marshall 5*

Kendall Sheffield 5*

Frank Buncom 4*

Dechaun Holiday 4*

Isaiah Langley 4*

Kameron Powell 4*

Ykili Ross 4*

Marvel Tell 4*

After loading up with a whopping seven DBs in 2014, Chris Petersen and Jimmy Lake are being a little more selective in this class, going after some bigger targets to try to add some impact talent behind the dept they added a year ago.