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TV Schedule For UW's First Three Games

The Pac-12 released the game times for games in the first three weeks of the season. There's good news and bad.

Boo this man.
Boo this man.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We already knew when the Huskies would be taking on Hawaii (5 pm Pacific, CBSSN), but now we've got the times for the Eastern Washington and Illinois games:

EWU will be played at 12 noon Pacific Time on Pac-12 Networks.

Illinois will be played at 1 pm Pacific Time on FOX Sports.

So the good news is that the Dawgs get some early kickoff times, which seem to be generally preferred. Ready for the bad news? When UW plays EWU, the Pac-12 has Cal and Utah games schedule simultaneously. Those broadcasts are also slated for the Pac-12 Networks. So basically, the UW/EWU game will be shown (probably exclusively) on Pac-12 Washington. If you don't live in Washington, congrats, you probably don't get to see this game.

This is one of many problems the Pac-12 has with it's TV deal. This should never happen. Not only are these three games kicking off at the same time, you have USC and Stanford starting 30 minutes later. Nearly half of the conference is playing at the same time. Brilliant.