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Dot...Dot...Dawg (5/29)

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Get this guy on your fantasy team!
Get this guy on your fantasy team!
Frederick Breedon

<pre>Yeah, you may not recognize them.  The dust makes it hard to decipher.  But, I'll be damned if those aren't some fine dots</pre>

Hey there, DawgPounders.  Many apologies for my extended absences.  I've been sucked into a few major developments at work that have sapped not only my time but my energy.  I'm not completely through it, but I do expect things to return to normal sometime around the fourth of July at which time I hope to return to my normal pace.  Many thanks to everybody who continue to pitch in and keep the content flowing around here.

And now, some dots.


As the diehards may have noticed, the UW Dawg Pound Staff has had a rough last couple of months.  A congruence of several factors - Anthony's job hunt, work commitments for Kirk and I, and a major move for Ryan have conspired to challenge our blog productivity over this time.  The good news is that we each seem to be nearing the end of our disruptions and I expect that we'll be back to normal productivity in time for football pre-season build up.  My personal apologies to each of you if you have not had your Husky itch scratched well enough by your dedicated bloggers.

The challenge we've had with our productivity has stoked my urgency to fill a couple of more writer positions.  These are volunteer positions, but they are great opportunities for the aspiring young writer to build up a portfolio and get networked with a very fast-growing network in SB Nation.  The roles we have are as follows:

1.  Recruiting Editor:  Some of you may have seen that Kevin Cacabelos has moved on to pursue, you know, a career.  We are very proud of Kevin and excited for him as he starts the next chapter of his life.  While we expect him to check in from time to time, we are looking for someone to fill his shoes as the lead recruiting writer for both football and basketball.  If you have an interest in recruiting, you are local to Seattle and can commit to a couple of articles per week, contact me directly.

2.  Non-Revenue Sports Editor:  You may have noticed that we have been trying to develop a focus on non-revenue sports.  You may have also noticed that UW Spring Sports are surging across the board and enjoying what very well may be their proverbial "hayday".  Unfortunately, we've not been able to get the focus that we need to cover all of the great stories emerging from sports like Crew, Golf, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball and Track.  We are looking for a writer who can lead on these sports and who can commit to at least two articles per week.  UW students or alums who have access to the school are preferred.

3.  Social Media specialist:  If you have an interest in the blog but maybe not able to commit to a productivity quota, consider helping us out with our Social Media Strategy.  We are looking to boost our presence in all social media, in particular with Facebook, and are looking for somebody who can help get us straightened out.  Filling this role gives you a chance to also contribute content to the website on a more infrequent basis.  If you have the skills and the access, I'd like to talk to you.

Question of the Day

The Diamond Dawgs are playing in their first tournament in a deckade.  Are you paying attention to the Huskies this weekend?  If so, what are your expectations?