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Dot...Dot...Dawg (Baseball Awards Edition)

The Pac-12 All-Conference baseball team was released today, as were the NCAA softball All-Americans. The Huskies were well represented on both squads.


Here's a link to the Pac-12 awards and here are the UW relevant highlights:

  • SS Erik Forgione won Defensive Player of the Year, becoming the first UW player to do so.
  • UW skipper Lindsay Meggs won Coach of the Year, the first time a UW coach has won that honor since Ken Knutson did in 1998.
  • P Tyler Davis, 2B Andrew Ely, C Austin Rei, and OF Brian Wolfe all made the All-Conference team.
  • OF Braden Bishop, 2B Andrew Ely, SS Erik Forgione, and C Austin Rei made the All-Defensive team.
  • Additionally:

    And for the ladies:

To some non-baseball stuff:

The kind of roster turnover Alabama has to maintain to sign that many recruits is borderline sickening. Every school does this to some degree, but none can compete with the ruthlessness with which it's done in the SEC. Student athletes are sold (or bought, if you will) the idea of going to those schools and playing in the SEC spotlight, but what they aren't told is clear: produce or get the hell out. Whether by hook or by crook, if they sign you to a scholarship and you don't live up to the expectations they had for you they're going to find a way to get you off of their books and bring in another full class of guys right behind you.