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Over/Under: Kasen Williams Catches

As Kasen Williams comes back from a broken leg, we ask: how effective will he be in 2014?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Kasen Williams is coming off a pretty traumatic leg injury which brought his junior season to a close prematurely. Coming into that game, he was averaging 4 catches per contest, and though his catch numbers on the year were a bit down from where they were in 2012 he was averaging over three full yards more per catch.

It's still a mystery what Chris Petersen and Jonathan Smith's offense will look like; if it's more of a dink and dunk passing attack with heavy emphasis on slip/tunnel/bubble screens like we saw the Huskies utilize frequently a year ago Williams may again see his catch numbers dip based on that alone. QB play will, obviously, come into play as the Huskies replace the most accurate passer in school history.

His ability to bounce back from his injury will be one of the big question marks facing the team. He's facing a not-insignificant amount of atrophy in his left leg, and by the time the season starts will have been off the field for about 10 months. How well he'll be able to run, cut and jump are just as big of questions as how much confidence he'll have in his leg's ability to withstand the toll a college football game - and season - will put on it.

A fully healthy sophomore Kasen Williams averaged just under 6 catches per game when the passing game was mostly limited to just him and Austin Seferian-Jenkins as viable consistent targets. Though the overall depth at WR is lacking, there is much more talent there in 2014 than there was two years ago, so it's unlikely that Williams carries such a heavy share of the burden.

Over/Under: 4.5 catches per game

Over the course of a 14 game season, this comes out to 63 catches. Entering last season, you'd have hammered the Over on this bet -- and lost. This is more about how you think he comes back from his injury than what you think of his ability.

What are you taking, Pounders?