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Quevyn Winters Q&A

On Wednesday the UW basketball team signed JuCo guard Quevyn Winters to the class of 2014. Winters talked with UWDawgPound about his recruiting process, why he picked the UW, and where he will fit in with the Huskies.

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On Wednesday , JuCo guard Quevyn Winters (pronounced Kwev-in, like Kevin but with a Q) became the third player to sign with the Huskies and coach Lorenzo Romar for the class of 2014. Winters played at Indian Hills Community College this past season, where he averaged 12.9 points and 4.9 rebounds per game. Indian Hills finished runner up in the NJCAA National Championship.

The Milwaukee, Wis. native played his freshman year at Duquesne, averaging 9.6 points per game. Winters may be Romar's replacement for C.J. Wilcox next season, as he is a talented guard who can score both in the paint and from beyond the 3-point arc.

I had the chance to talk with Winters about his recruiting process, why he decided to choose the UW, and where he will fit in next season.

Erik Erickson: When was the first time you got into contact with the UW coaching staff?

Quevyn Winters: I would probably say November, early November. I talked to coach (Lorenzo) Romar and coach T.J. (Otzelberger). Coach T.J. was already recruiting me, he's from where I'm from. He was recruiting me when he was at Iowa State, and when he moved on to Washington we just kept building the relationship from there.

EE: What were your first impressions of the coaching staff, specifically coach Romar?

QW: He was real down-to-earth, a real genuine dude. I feel like he cares about me on and off the court. He would always check up on me. He asked about academics and other things. He showed that he really cared about me as a person just as much as a basketball player.

EE: Who were some of the other schools that were recruiting you?

QW: Iowa State, USC, UNLV, Arizona State, Butler, Central Florida, South Florida, Marquette, schools like that.

EE: What made you feel like UW was the right choice for you?

QW: Me and my mom came out and we felt like it was a beautiful city. We liked the style of play. Like I said Coach Romar and coach T.J. were a big part of that.  They are just real good, genuine down-to-earth dudes. They are going to tell you straight up, they aren't going to sugar coat it. They are going to let you know what it is. They told me if I came in and worked hard, I was going to have an opportunity to do some good things.

EE: What has coach Romar told you about where you are going to fit into the team next year?

QW: Just coming in, me being a shooter just being able to score the ball. Bringing some leadership. Just doing a little bit of everything, play defense, rebound, you know I'm real versatile so there are a lot of things I can do.

EE: How did your one year at Indian Hills help you as a player?

QW: It helped me grow a lot. Having to take more of a captain role, where at Duquesne I was a freshman and had to take more of a backseat. Here I had to be more of a leader, more of a captain and more of a scorer.

EE: For people who haven't seen you play before, how would you describe your skill set?

QW: I can do a lot of things. I can dribble, I can shoot, I can pass, rebound, play defense, but I think the best thing I can do is shoot the ball. I can do a little bit of everything.

EE: How do you think you can help bring the winning tradition back to UW after three straight years out of the NCAA tournament?

QW: Just coming in and working hard and bringing my leadership, my scoring ability and my defensive ability. I think that can help us a lot.

EE: What kind of goals have you set for yourself personally and for the team?

QW: I don't really have any goals personally, but definitely try to make the NCAA tournament and try to win the Pac-12.

EE: What did you think of the UW campus when you came for your visit?

QW: I thought it was a beautiful campus. At the (UConn) game it was a great atmosphere, even though a lot of the students were going back home it was a nice turnout. Me and my mom we both loved the city, we love Seattle.

EE: Any final thoughts for the Husky fans who are looking forward to seeing you wear the purple and gold next season?

QW: I'm happy and I'm excited to be a Husky.

Stay tuned for more UW basketball recruiting news as the signing season wraps up!

What kind of player can Quevyn Winters be for the Huskies next season? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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