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BREAKING: Stringfellow to be Charged, Not Miles, and other Spring Practice updates

In a recent development, the King County District Attorney will be filing charges against suspended Husky Damore'ea Stringfellow on Thursday, but will not be filing any charges against suspended Husky Cyler Miles.

Harry How

As most of you know, Damore'ea Stringfellow and Cyler Miles were suspended indefinitely after a couple of incidents were reported to the police on Super Bowl Sunday, after the big game. Both young men were identified by a victim and his friend after they looked up pictures of the husky football players online. This tweet came from Adam Jude a couple of hours ago:

Regarding Cyler Miles, Jude's source stated that the King County Prosecutor's Office found no indication of criminal activity on Miles' part. So Cyler won't get charged. However, there is no indication from Coach Petersen, as of yet, regarding Miles' reinstatement. In fact ...

As for Damore'ea Stringfellow, the water is much murkier. According to Adam Jude, Mr. Stringfellow will be charged for three counts, two of those counts being assault in the forth degree, and one count of malicious mischief.

Once assault count, and the malicious mischief count come from the following, alleged incident (I say alleged because these facts are alleged until proven at trial.) Stringfellow allegedly broke a woman's camera lens right next to that huge bonfire by campus after the Super Bowl. The woman stated a man "had attempted to rip a video camera from her hands and then knocked her out." (Check out the police report for more information.)

The second assault charge stems from a different event that happened the same night, where a man alleged that two men jumped out of a white sedan and asked him if he was a Seahawks fan. According to the report, the man stated "something like, 'Yeah, are you a Bronco's fan?'" Then the two suspects came at the man and started punching him in the face.

According to the Washington Criminal Code, Assault in the 4th degree is a gross misdemeanor, and is defined as assault that doesn't fit any of the other assault categories ... see here. For a better distinction, any assault more severe than 4th degree assault is a felony. If you want to see the other classes of assault, look here for 3rd degree, here for 2nd degree, here for 1st degree, and here for custodial assault.

Malicious mischief is just a basic destruction of property crime. According to the statute, if the property damage is less than $750.00, the crime is a gross misdemeanor. If the damage is more, then it's a felony. Here's the links for the different degrees of malicious mischief: first degree, second degree, third degree.

The distinction between these being felonies and misdemeanors is relevant only to Stringfellow's criminal liability. However, his status with the team is now even more in doubt, regardless of the classifications of these crimes. I hope the best for the young man, and hope he can turn things around. I just don't know if it will be with his current team.

Other Notes

John Timu is back with the team, as he took part in practices this morning.

Jaimie Bryant and Marcus Farria both suited up and participated in practice today.

Adam Jude came away very impressed with the play of Brandon Beaver today

Finally, looks like a local high school QB prospect out of Lake Stevens was present at practice today