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Dot...Dot...Dawg (3/6)

Fresh news from practice, coaches reach out to the media and continued worries about the players who aren't on the field.

After a strong performance at the NFL Combine, Bishop Sankey has likely leapt to the top of more than a few draft boards.
After a strong performance at the NFL Combine, Bishop Sankey has likely leapt to the top of more than a few draft boards.
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Fish! Pony! Hip, hip hop. Hip hop anonymous? Damn you! You gave him the easy ones!

  • UW Football's Instagram page gave us this look at Troy Williams at practice yesterday, whom many expect to be Washington's starter by the end of fall camp.

  • Ted Miller ponders what Chris Petersen's first spring practices will tell him about his new squad. (We seem to be having some technical difficulties in embedding the video from ESPN; click here if the video isn't showing up below.)

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  • Chris Petersen appeared on ESPN 710 Seattle's Bob and Groz Show yesterday to talk about how spring practices have gone so far.

  • Adam Jude says that thanks to the presence of a new coaching staff, this week is all about reconnecting with the fundamentals. He also has video of Chris Petersen following the completion of his first practice, other videos of an assortment of players and coaches, and some details about how the players are adjusting to their new skipper.

  • Gregg Bell talked to Petersen about the challenges of having just two quarterbacks on the roster for spring ball.

  • Christian Caple says that a big question surrounding this week's practices is what to do about the players who are off the field for various reasons.

  • It's never a good thing when the first thing a new coach says about a senior captain is that he's suspended. Hopefully Timu can get a weekend job at Dick's and keep this from happening again.

  • In the wake of his strong performance at the NFL Combine,'s Mike Mayock now ranks Bishop Sankey as the top running back available in the draft.

  • Kelsey Plum was named the Pac-12 Freshman of the Year after scoring 20.9 points per game this year, good for fourth-best in the conference. Way to go, Kelsey!

  • Speaking of the Lady Dawgs, the Yakima Herald's Jayda Evans has a nice profile of Mike Neighbors and his evolution as UW's head coach over the course of his first full season in that role.

Question of the Day

This morning, we got a couple of tidbits from Adam Jude about the positions where some of Washington's flashiest names are appearing.

What do you think about Coach Pete's apparent choice to give two of Washington's most explosive players a set of packages on the opposite side of the ball than where they normally appear?