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Chris Petersen Spring Press Conference Notes

Spring ball begins tomorrow, and Chris Petersen addressed the media today. Here are some highlights.

Otto Greule Jr

  • There is no new news on Cyler Miles and Damore'ea Stringfellow. The focus is on the players that are going to be on the practice field, and getting them better and ready to go.
  • Kasen Williams and Dexter Charles will both be out for spring ball, with half a dozen or so other players being limited in terms of contact.
  • There are just the two QB's -- Troy Williams and Jeff Lindquist -- on the roster (not even a walk-on), which Petersen sees as not necessarily a bad thing. They'll be getting more reps than they've ever dreamed of, and the staff will be able to get an excellent look at both of them.
  • When asked about his involvement with QB's Pete said he kind of oversees the QB's -- and every position -- on the team. So it'll be Jonathan Smith's show. The only position that Petersen says he coaches directly and exclusively is kick and punt retuners. No surprise that he sounds really excited to get to work with John Ross III.
  • He says the styles of offense and defense will look a lot like what we saw from the previous staff in 2013. Not a lot of wholesale changes, but tweaks.
  • Everyone is coming into Spring with a clean slate. The depth chart doesn't exist yet, and everyone is at zero. He says he wants guys to "come show us."
  • The focus of spring ball will be on technique and fundamentals. They'll put in a little bit of scheme, but for the most part they won't really dive into that until after Spring.
  • When asked about a potential position of strength Pete named the OL, citing the fact that all the guys are back.
  • The relationship with the Seahawks is important, and one he hopes to expand upon. He says they've got a lot of things figured out over there, and the plan is to share some things between the two organizations.
  • Cameron Van Winkle's health was described as "pretty good" and it was noted that he has been doing some kicking since his surgery.
  • They may have one freshman joining the team in the second period of Spring, but he didn't say who. My guess: Jaimie Bryant.