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Top 13 of 2013 - #2: Keith Price

The final chapter in UW's senior quarterback's career had him exiting the program on a high note.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

All eyes were on Keith Price heading into the 2013 season. His 2012 was not what was expected of him, and it was evident that much of the season's success depended on Price having a bounceback season.

And bounce back is exactly what Price did. He was excellent all year as his completion bounced back to almost exactly where it was in 2011 (66.2%), his yards per attempt jumped over two yards from their 2012 lows (6.3 to 8.4), and perhaps most importantly he protected the football at an elite level, throwing 6 interceptions (for an interception on a ridiculously low 1.7% of his passes).

2013 Highlights:

  • Became UW's all time leader in touchdown passes with 75
  • Now holds UW's career records for completion percetage (64%) and passer efficiency (143.2)
  • 5 300 yard passing games
  • Led UW's second half Apple Cup comeback by going 7/8 for 103 yards and a touchdown in the third quarter, capping three drives that scored 17 points and gave UW a permanent lead.

Beyond just the numbers, Price also passed the eye test this past season. Many of his numbers were inflated by throwing a lot of behind the line of scrimmage extended handoff type passes, but he also made regular stick throws down the field as well.

For reasons I'll never understand Price became a punching bag for many fans. Perhaps it was because he proved them wrong at so many turns? It was assumed he'd give way to the Nick Montana Era after Jake Locker graduated. Wrong. It was said he couldn't be a successful pocket passer; that he had to be a runner if he was going to be successful. Wrong. His head was screwed up after the 2012 season, and he'd struggle to return to form. Wrong. He was competing with Cyler Miles heading into his senior year, and the competition would be close. Wrong.

Price leaves the program as the most statistically accomplished quarterback UW has ever had. He committed to an 0-12 program and was a key cog in the rebuilding effort. He played hurt. He played behind an offensive line that routinely helped get him hurt. Keith Price earned our respect, and as college QB's go he deserves to be talked about with any of the greats that have come through the University of Washington.