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UW Football Roster Analysis - Part 1: The Numbers

The first part in a series looking at and breaking down the roster composition of the Huskies heading into the 2014 season.

Last month, in the wake of signing day, Ian Boyd over at the SBNation mothership wrote an article entitled How to Build a College Football Team: Ideal Rosters for 6 Popular Schemes. Here what we're going to do is take the concept of that post, and apply it to the current Husky roster to see what we're looking at heading into 2014.

The article identifies three types of offensive styles, as well as three types of defensive styles. For defense there's the 4-3, the 3-4, and the 3-3-5. UW's defense most closely resembles a 3-4. Offensively we have Spread-To-Run, Spread-To-Pass, and Pro-Style. UW's offense won't fit conveniently into any of these boxes, but I think that Pro-Style is what will most closely resemble what the Huskies will do. It will be Pro-Style personnel, but more spread out (though all the offensive groupings are pretty similar, with the differences primarily coming down to how you label your tight ends and wide receivers).

As always, there's some fungibility in this data, as players can play multiple positions, can get moved to another position, who knows where the freshmen will end up, attrition will happen between now and August 30th, and the scheme can change from week to week and play to play. To the numbers!

3-4 Defense

Defensive Tackle

Recommended Scholarships: 3 to 6

UW Scholarships: 6

Jaimie Bryant, Greg Gaines, Elijah Qualls, Danny Shelton, Taniela Tupou, Damion Turpin

Defensive End

Recommended Scholarships: 6 to 10

UW Scholarships: 12

Shane Bowman, Will Dissly, Marcus Farria, Jarrett Finau, Andrew Hudson, Evan Hudson, Jaylen Johnshon, Hau'oli Kikaha, Joe Mathis, Kaleb McGary, Josh Shirley, Psalm Wooching

Inside Linebacker

Recommended Scholarships: 5 to 8

UW Scholarships: 3

Sean Constantine, John Timu, Azeem Victor

Outside Linebacker

Recommended Scholarships: 5 to 8

UW Scholarships: 7

Keishawn Bierria, Travis Feeney, Scott Lawyer, Drew Lewis, Cory Littleton, Connor O'Brien, Shaq Thompson


Recommended Scholarships: 4 to 8

UW Scholarships: 8

Budda Baker, Darren Gardenhire, Jojo McIntosh, Brandon Beaver, Patrick Enewally, Kevin King, Trevor Walker, Lavon Washington


Recommended Scholarships: 5 to 10

UW Scholarships: 6

Travell Dixon, Naijiel Hale, Sidney Jones, Jermaine Kelly, Brandon Lewis, Marcus Peters

Pro-Style Offense


Recommended Scholarships: 3 to 4

UW Scholarships: 4

K.J. Carta-Samuels, Jeff Lindquist, Cyler Miles, Troy Williams

Running Back

Recommended Scholarships: 4 to 6

UW Scholarships: 6

Jesse Callier, Lavon Coleman, Deontae Cooper, Jomon Dotson, Ryan McDaniel, Dwayne Washington

Tight End

Recommended Scholarships: 3 to 6

UW Scholarships: 6

David Ajamu, Derrick Brown, Darrell Daniels, Michael Hartvigson, Joshua Perkins, Drew Sample

Wide Receiver

Recommended Scholarships: 8 to 13

UW Scholarships: 9

DiAndre Campbell, Marvin Hall, Brayden Lenius, Jaydon Mickens, Dante Pettis, John Ross III, Damore'ea Stringfellow, Kendyl Taylor, Kasen Williams

Offensive Linemen

Recommended Scholarships: 14 to 18

UW Scholarships: 18

James Atoe, Shane Brostek, Devin Burleson, Dexter Charles, Dane Crane, Mike Criste, Jake Eldrenkamp, Cory Fuavai, Micah Hatchie, Taylor Hindy, Matt James, Andrew Kirkland, Ben Riva, Coleman Shelton, Jesse Sosebee, Colin Tanigawa, Siosifa Tufunga, John Turner