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UW Dawg Pound NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

Join the Dawg Pound in competing for picking the best bracket.

Streeter Lecka

We are at it again this year. Even though our Huskies haven't made it into the NCAA Tournament, we still will pay our yearly patronage to the Big Dance by filling out a bracket. While you fill out your bracket, don't forget to put it in the UW Dawg Pound's Bracket Challenge group on ESPN.

Last year the group had only 11 entrants, and I hope that the number will grow this year as the blog has grown immensely. I hope that all of you will join in the fun. Last season the winner was rjocr427. Good job rjocr! You scored in the top 0.6 percent of the entire world when it came to filling out a bracket.

Personally, I did horrible last season. I like to tell myself that it is a total crapshoot and a blind monkey may pick better than half of the people who try, but it doesn't really help. I did beat one person, gregprekeges. Suck on that Greg, if that is your real name.

I was convinced Florida was going to win it all last season, and that didn't work out. Florida was my team from the beginning of the season this year, because I don't learn. I will be picking them again and feel like a hipster, because I picked Florida to win it all before it was cool.

Come join the group. Here is your link to the challenge. There is no buy-in, it is free to join. There is a limit of one bracket per person within the group. You can use this thread to talk about your brackets if you would like, or to share fishing stories previous bracket experiences.