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NIT Tournament 2014: Are the Washington Huskies going to make it, and what about the rest of the Pac-12

Will the Huskies land in the NIT Tournament? How is Cal going to be seeded, if it doesn't make the NCAA Tournament.? Oregon State?

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Bracketology is a term known to every college basketball fan, no matter how casual their relationship with the game. Which teams are going to make it in. Whose bubble is bursting, and how is locked to make it in? Is Arizona a No. 1 seed?

Bracketology gives you the answer to all of these questions. SB Nation's Chris Dobbertean is one of the best. ESPN's Joe Lunardi is the most well-known, and is one of the best as well.

Husky fans aren't worried about what Dobbertean and Lunard think about Washington. Dobbertean and Lunardi don't even think about UW. The Huskies have missed the NCAA Tournament for the third straight season (presumably, though it is presumed by everyone.

When asked if there were doubts about the Huskies making the NIT, Lorenzo Romar responded flatly, "Yes. We're not sure."

C.J. Wilcox felt the same way. UW's focus was still on making the NCAA Tournament. The team knew that the only hope was to win the Pac-12 Tournament. Now, the focus has been shifted. "There's still the NIT," Wilcox said. "We're not sure about that, but we are going to hang our hopes on that and see what happens."

"I don't want to go out like this," Darin Johnson stated.

There are hopes that the Huskies' season isn't over. There are some bracketologists who specialize in the NIT and other lower-level tournaments. There is less of a consensus on which teams are going to make it into the Littler Dances. UW is listed out, UW is listed in. Depends who you ask.

Before we take a look at what the bracketologists think about the chances UW has to make the NIT, let's take a look at the resume. Remember the Good Wins and Bad Wins are a little bit different since we are dealing with the NIT instead of the NCAA.

Record: 17-15, (9-9 Pac-12, 8th)

RPI: 98 BPI: 101

Good Wins: @ Arizona State, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Stanford

Bad Losses: Boston College, @ Washington State, UC Irvine, Indiana (neutral court)

What they are saying: includes the games from Wednesday, March 13. Huskies are OUT. It also lists California as a No. 1 seed. It does list the Huskies as another team that was considered, along with Oregon State. (link)

Big Apple Buckets, run by John Templon, updated some time on Wednesday. It may or may not include the game against Utah. Washington is the first one out in the "just missed" list. Oregon State is on the list as well.

Right now it looks like Washington could get an invitation to the CBI. Would you even want the Huskies to accept the bid?

UPDATE: Percy Allen reports that the Huskies would decline an invitation to the CBI.