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Top 13 of 2013 - #8: The Boise State Game

The Huskies opened the season as underdogs to the Broncos in the opener, and made that line look silly.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The opener against Boise State was, like just about everything else under the sun, a worrisome topic among Husky fans. Before the game had even started -- months before -- people were asking how the Huskies could recover if they dropped the week 1 matchup. It was being tabbed as a pivotal game, a must-win, and a make-or-break for Steve Sarkisian.

The game gave us quite a bit of drama to start off, with Keith Price throwing an interception on the second play from scrimmage, and every Husky fan putting their head in their hands and thinking "Oh boy, here we go again." That was basically the only real gaffe the Huskies made that day. The defense stopped Boise State on their drive by getting an interception of their own, and Price shrugged off his interception by completing his next 6 passes and going 7/8 on a touchdown drive which was capped by a Bishop Sankey touchdown.

Though the Huskies entered halftime up just 10-3, they looked like the superior team across the board. And in the second half, they would show just how true that was. Boy would they show it. The Huskies scored touchdowns on each of their first four drives int he second half. They only had five drives, and the fifth was a garbage time, run-out-the-clock drive.

The Huskies handed Chris Petersen what was easily his worst loss as the head coach at Boise.

In retrospect, this result shouldn't have been as surprising as it was. On a neutral field to end 2012, these two teams played each other basically even, and the Huskies were wrecked with injuries through that whole year. Boise State lost a lot more off of that 2012 squad, and the Huskies returned almost all of their key pieces. But the win meant a lot to the program and the fans because it served us a reminder. We were able to glimpse and remember what it's like to skull a quality opponent, and how much fun it is to watch the team you root for execute at a high level for 60 minutes.