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Top 13 of 2013 - #3: Bishop Sankey

Sankey entered 2013 quietly, and left the UW record books a tattered mess upon his departure.

Thearon W. Henderson

Bishop Sankey had the best 2012 season that nobody seemed to notice. Over 1400 yards and 16 TDs and people weren't really paying attention to him coming into 2013.

His 2013 season blew his 2012 season out of the water. He topped 100 yards in 9 games, 200 in 3, scored at least 1 TD in every contest, and added just over 300 yards receiving. His 1869 rushing yards is easily #1 all time at UW. 20 rushing TDs puts him behind only Corey Dillon. He is third all time in both rushing yards (3496) and yards from scrimmage (4063), and first all time in touchdowns (38).

Sankey was named a second team All-American and a finalist for the Doak Walker award, given to college football's best running back.

It's safe to say that Sankey met and destroyed every reasonable expectation set for him in 2013, as well as for his career. Had he stayed for a fourth year, he likely would have set the bar to a level that would not be broken for generations. But there was not much else for him to come back for, and now he's showing everybody at the NFL combine what we've seen and known for the past couple of years: he's a complete back, without a hole in his game. Unlike the Chris Polk injury fabrication a couple years ago, somebody is going to fall in love with Sankey, and he's going to go fast in the 2014 NFL Draft. And I expect him to continue to meet expectations at that level as well.