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Top 13 of 2013 - #6: Husky Stadium

After a much needed facelift that began in 2011, the stadium was home to some great moments in 2013 both on and around the playing surface.

Otto Greule Jr

Prior to 2013, Husky Stadium's last renovation came before any of the current players had been born. The old girl had fallen into disrepair, and a facelift was much needed. The Huskies were falling rapidly behind the other schools around the conference and the country in terms of their facilities and their gameday setting. Sure, the view was still among the best that any stadium in the world can offer, but the concrete and steel surrounding the field did not meet the standard.

The results of the renovation were better than anybody would have guessed. What was once an eyesore and a dinosaur, with its fans sitting a mile away while the players played whilst being surrounded by a track seemed more fitting for the high school stage. Now the fans are right on top of the action all the way around the field.

Husky Stadium has truly become one of the finest gameday settings in all of sports, but the results were more than just aesthetics:

  • The Huskies went 6-1 at Husky Stadium, including 3-1 against teams that would play in bowl games.
  • In 2013 home games, the Huskies outscored their opponents 276-105.
  • The average score of home games: 39-15
  • The UW defense held opponents to 7 points or fewer 3 times, and allowed more than 17 points just once.
And with Husky Stadium playing a role in luring a new coaching staff to the University of Washington, it's not expected that these results are going to be anything but typical.