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Spring Preview: Washington Updated Scholarship Chart and Spring Practice Update

Spring ball is just three weeks away. We've updated our scholarship chart and roster breakdown to give you an idea of where the depth is and what holes may become problematic for Chris Petersen and staff.

Jesse Callier and friends are ready to take flight as the 2014 Spring Practices approach.
Jesse Callier and friends are ready to take flight as the 2014 Spring Practices approach.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Now that National Signing Day is behind us, Husky football fans can start looking ahead to spring practices. Chris Petersen has elected to implement Steve Sarkisian's strategy from 2013 and to split the spring practice routine in to two modules, each lasting roughly two weeks, and culminating with the Spring Game on April 19 (broadcast on Pac 12 Networks). Given this approach, the Huskies will open spring practices on March 4th.

Yup, you heard me right. Spring practices are just a few weeks away. So much for putting down the Husky crack pipe.

The gracious mods of the UWDP, of course, don't want you to go into Spring Practice totally unprepared, so we are organizing a preview series that is launching with this class breakdown. This is similar to other scholarship charts that you've seen on the 'Pound before in that it lists kids organized by their class and into positions. Of course, we don't know which true freshman will play in 2014, so their graduation date is a guess (for simplicity, I assume that all true frosh redshirt) and position allotment can sometimes be a crapshoot - in particular for incoming freshman. I've also included a column for 2015 commits who, obviously, don't count against the scholarship tabulation yet.

Some Dots:

  • The Huskies are slightly over the scholarship limit of 85. This can be solved through attrition or through not renewing scholarships for some of the players who would continue as walk-ons.

  • Speaking of walk-ons, the Huskies added a few preferred walk-ons with this last class including RB Aaron Chapman, OL Morgan Richey and RB Max Richmond. They join several other contributing Huskies as walk-ons including OL Michael Kneip, OL Ross Dolbec and DB Thomas Vincent.

  • The QB situation, as of now, is starting to get into the one-per-class rhythm that is ideal. Even if there is a roster change after spring, the Huskies are starting to develop the right kind of depth there.

  • The last recruiting class really emphasized offensive linemen and bigger defensive ends as far as the lines of scrimmage are concerned. Numbers are no longer a concern in those areas for the foreseeable future, but productivity will continue to be a burning topic.

  • A lot of Husky fans were distressed at all of the DBs taken in this class. However, when you see how they get spread out in the scholarship chart, you see that there was actually a method to the madness and that, in fact, there was a desperate need for productive numbers. I've guessed that JoJo McIntosh may end up as a Shaq-style hybrid OLB / DB role which could be a nice fit depending on how he physically develops. Regardless, there are a lot of people who could play multiple positions back there.

  • Now that the numbers at DB are healthy, Chris Petersen will undoubtedly turn his attention to recruiting LBs in 2015 as that is the one remaining roster spot with glaring imbalance. The Huskies in particular will be looking at MLB as depth behind some of the talented players that Sark's regime recruited over the previous two years.

  • If Pete Kwiatkowski intends to employ a "rush end" concept like Justin Wilcox before him, he may want to add that to his wish list in 2015. I slotted Jaylen Johnson there but, truthfully, that may be a stretch for him. It is true that a guy like Marcus Farria could develop into that kind of role. However, another "creature" like athlete in 2015 would be ideal.

  • The plight of Kendyl Taylor is still an open question. This is an unquestionably able player who can contribute to the team on gameday as depth. Getting him slotted into the right role is key for Chris Petersen in 2014. I like him back on offense, but who knows how things will shake out for hm.

  • Please go ahead and critique my slotting on offensive line positions. It has been pretty hard to pin some of these slots down under Dan Cozzetto given his propensity to mix and match. Let me know if I screwed up anything obvious. I did put John Turner in as a Center. Even though he played OT in high school, he projects more on the interior in college and, well, since he has played QB before, that makes him a C prospect in my book.

We've got a lot more coming your way as Spring Practices approach. Stay tuned to the UWDP for all of our coverage and insights.

2014 Husky Football Class Breakdown
88 16 16 19 13 24 1
TOTAL 2014 Seniors 2015 Seniors 2016 Seniors 2017 Seniors 2018 Seniors 2019 Seniors
QB (4) Jeff Lindquist 4* Troy Williams 4* KJ Carta-Samuels 4*
Cyler Miles 4*
RB (5) Jesse Callier 3* Dwayne Washington 3* Lavon Coleman 4* Jomon Dotson 3*
Deontae Cooper 4*
FB (3) Derrick Brown 3* Ryan McDaniel 3*
Psalm Wooching 3*
WR (7) Kasen Williams 5* Marvin Hall 3* John Ross 3* Brayden Lenius 3*
Jaydon Mickens 4* Damore'ea Stringfellow 4* Dante Pettis 3*
TE (5) Michael Hartvigson 3* Joshua Perkins 3* Darrell Daniels 4* David Ajamu 3* Drew Sample 3*
OT (7) Micah Hatchie 4* Jake Eldrenkamp 3* Andrew Kirkland 3* Trey Adams 3*
Ben Riva 3* Matt James 3*
Devin Burleson 2*
OG (8) James Atoe 2* Shane Brostek 3* Taylor Hindy 2* Coleman Shelton 2* Jesse Sosebee 2*
Colin Tanigawa 2* Dexter Charles 3*
Siosifa Tufunga 3*
OC (4) Mike Criste 2* Ryan Masel NR (snapper) Cory Fuavai 2* Dane Crane 3* John Turner 3*
DT (6) Danny Shelton 3* Damion Turpin 3* Elijah Qualls 4* Jaimie Bryant NR
Lawrence Lagafuaina 3* Greg Gaines 3*
DE (9) Evan Hudson NR Jarret Finau 3* Marcus Farria 3* Shane Bowman 3*
Hau'oli Kikaha 3* Taniela Tupou 4* Joe Mathis 4* Will Dissly 2*
Kalen McGary 4*
RE (3) Josh Shirley 4* Cory Littleton 2* Jaylen Johnson 3*
OLB (4) Travis Feeney 2* Connor O'Brien 3* Drew Lewis 3*
Scott Lawyer 3*
MLB (3) John Timu 3* Sean Constantine 3*
Azeem Victor 3*
NB (3) Shaq Thompson 5* Keishawn Bierria 3* JoJo McIntosh 3*
CB (8) Darren Gardenhire 3*
Travell Dixon JC Marcus Peters 3* Jermaine Kelly 4* Brandon Lewis 3*
Patrick Enewally 3* Sidney Jones 3*
Naijiel Hale 4*
S (6) Kendyl Taylor 3*
Brandon Beaver 3* Budda Baker 4*
Trevor Walker 3* Lavon Washington 3*
Kevin King 3*
P/K (3) Korey Durkee 3* Cameron Van Winkle 3* Tristan Vizcaiano 3*