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The Gekko Files: Final Pac 12 Bowl Projection and Selection Open Thread

We find out today.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Today, we find out the fate of the Washington Huskies and their bowl season destination. In reality, there are only two possibilities: the Cactus Bowl or the Armed Forces Bowl in Ft. worth, TX.

Everything depends on how the CFP Selection Committee ranks Arizona following the joke that was their PAC 12 Championship appearance. Will they see it as "a blowout loss" or will they give extra credit for the fact that it was an extra game against a team that they had already handily beat once before in the season? If it's the latter, expect to see UW in Tempe on Jan 2.

The Armed Forces Bowl is an interesting sub note in this analysis. They are the only bowl with an open at-large spot this season. Compared to last year when there were five bowls with open spots, this is an incredible development. By virtue of the fact that UW has eight wins overall, they all but assured of that spot should they get pushed out of the PAC 12 contracted Bowls. But, I suppose nothing is guaranteed.

This is your open thread for all Bowl talk.

Final PAC 12 Bowl Projections

Rose Bowl (Playoffs) Pasadena, 1/1/15
Oregon Florida State
Oregon crushed Arizona leaving the only question as to whether or not they will be a one or two seed.
Fiesta Bowl (CFB At-Large) Glendale AZ 12/31
Arizona Boise State
On the heels of getting blown out by Oregon, Arizona had almost everything that they needed to happen actually happen in order to get the Fiesta invite. It may not happen, but is still looking good.
Valero Alamo Bowl
Big 12 vs. Pac-12
San Antonio, 1/2/15
UCLA K-State
UCLA is a lock for San Antonion. They would've played, Oklahomak but for the Sooner derp versus Oklahoma State. A matchup against the uber disciplined K-State is not a good one for the Bruins.
National University Holiday Bowl
Big Ten vs. Pac-12
San Diego, 12/27/14
USC Minnesota
A lot of people like USC for this bowl. Obviously, geography helps them as does the fact that ASU played there a year ago. I've come around on this argument, especially in light of the big ND win. Does anybody live a more charmed life than Sark?
Foster Farms (SF) Bowl
Big Ten vs. Pac-12
Santa Clara, 12/30/14
Stanford Nebraska
We have word now that the Foster Farms folks are hell-bent on picking Stanford. Though USC has a one-game better record, this bowl has the right to skip over a team as long as they stay within one game. Stanford is the pick here.
Hyundai Sun Bowl
ACC vs. Pac-12
El Paso, 12/27
Arizona State Duke
I had thought USC here before, but now I'm changing course. I am swayed by the argument that the Holiday won't want ASU twice in a row, so they slip all the way to the Sun. What a fall from grace.
Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl
MWC vs Pac-12
Vegas, 12/20
Utah Colorado State
It'll be like a family reunion with Utah going to the Vegas Bowl. They'll almost certainly be playing a team looking for a new head coach.
Cactus Bowl
Big 12 vs. Pac-12
Tempe, 1/2
Washington Oklahoma St.
This is not going to happen if Arizona gets knocked out of the New Years Six. However, I'm guessing that we'll all be seeing each other in Tempe in 2015. OKST, if you recall, was one of those teams that I said could sneak up into this slot. Well, they got bowl eligible yesterday.