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Gekko's Christmas List: Wishes for all the Young Dawgs

Who has been Naughty? Nice? The Gekko knows. He's got a Christmas Wish List just for Dawgs.

It is that special time of year when all Husky Fans take a break from all that consumes the grind of their everyday lives.  If you are a fan, that means taking a little time away from your job, from your kid's soccer practice, and from your normal household routines. If you are a Husky player or coach, it isn't that much different.  Thanks in part to their later-than-normal Bowl game, the Huskies have earned themselves a little R&R.  A little time to be spent with their families away from the grind of the football field, the recruiting trails and the media room.

While all of you are enjoying the festivities that accompany the holiday season, I thought I'd dedicate a little white space in our little fan blog to pass along some Christmas wishes that I have for each of you.  In addition, I'd like to add a "THANK YOU" for being part of what we are doing here at the Dawg Pound.  We've had a great year full of growth and opportunity.  We've seen the membership expand and we've been blessed with addition of several great contributors.

So, here are my holiday presents for our Huskies and for you all.  Merry Christmas.

Gekko's Holiday Shopping List

Shaq Thompson:  A FG attempt in the Cactus Bowl.

Danny Shelton: A beta copy of the new EA Sports NCAA Football game complete with a custom controller that has the special "Barrel Roll" button.

JoJo Mathis and Elijah Qualls:  A gift card to Sport Clips.

OWW:  A charter membership to the Sefo Liufau fan club.

Brad Johnson:  A charter membership to the Cyler Miles fan club.

CO Dawg:  A nomination for President of said club

Budda Baker:  20 lbs of lean muscle.

Marcus Peters:  A blessed and peaceful Christmas with his new baby.

Tosh Lupoi:  A Starbucks holiday tumbler set.  Apparently he gave away all his old coffee cups.

Steve Sarkisian:  New business cards that read "Eight Win Steve".

Lear Pilot:  The 2014 edition of the Political Correctness Handbook.  Hey, we could all use a little more PC.

Bishop Sankey:  A decent offensive line.

Jake Locker:  The same.

Marcus Mariota:  A high draft pick, preferably to the NY Jets.  I'm sure Mike Vick will be a great mentor.

Rich Rod:  A script for some new blood pressure meds.  Preferably before the Boise State Broncos dismantle your young team in the Fiesta bowl.

Howling Husky: a WiFi enabled mirror that connects to all UWDP member PDAs.  This will help him at the same time tell us all how right he was while he checks out how great his reflection looks.  In minimal time.

Keith Price:  One ... more ... shot.

Colin Tanigawa:  An all-star game invite.

Deontae Cooper:  Good health and an Urban Outfitter's gift card.

Jaydon Mickens:  A one-time exception to the Coach Petersen's "No cutoff jersey" rule

Anthony Cassino:  An invitation to come back to the 'Pound (where you at bro?).

Chip Kelly:  A LOONNNNNGGGGGG and restful offseason.  Out of the playoffs.  Right where you belong.

Jonathan Smith:  A new chart.

Jimmy Lake:  A raise.

Ben Riva:  A break.

Geddy T:  A word processing app with a word counter.

OsidePup:  A pillow.  To cry in ... following Jake Browning's beat down of Oceanside.

John Ross:  A crease in the Oklahoma State kickoff coverage.

Darrell Daniels:  An admission to the Legion of Zoom.

GliderDawg:  A sense of humor.  Well, at least one that people can relate to.

Andrew Hudson:  A special LED Christmas tree topper that lights up a room as much as he does.

John Timu:  New sticky gloves.  And a long and prosperous professional career.

Chris Petersen:  Chris Warren, Austin Joyner, Benning Potoa'e and Jaylinn Hawkins all wrapped with bows under the tree.  Although that is kind of creepy.

My UWDP Brethren:  A relaxing Christmas day spent lounging with your purple-clad families and Husky fan friends.

Merry Christmas, Dawgs.