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Washington Huskies vs. Grambling State Tigers Open Game Thread

The undefeated Huskies will look to dispatch an underwhelming Grambling State squad.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday, December 17, 8:00 PM on PACN

In the past two games, #16 Washington (8-0) has managed a high-profile victory over a ranked San Diego State team and a gut-check comeback over Eastern Washington. Now the Huskies have a chance to check off yet another box by fully dominating an over matched opponent for the first time this year.

Grambling State (2-6) ranks among the worst teams in the nation in several offensive and defensive categories and most recently lost 43-71 to Oregon State on Monday. Unless this turns out to be a very strange night, Washington should be able to get some bench players significant minutes.

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Enjoy the game and Go Dawgs!