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Huskies rally too late, fall at home to UCLA 44-30: Instant Reactions

In a game featuring the two most lauded two-way players in the country, Myles Jack's Bruins came out on top 44-30.

Myles Jack is really good too
Myles Jack is really good too
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Instant Dots for Instant Reactions and Instant knee-jerk reactions.

  • As soon as Hau'oli Kikaha went out with a stinger, the UW pass rush disappeared. JoJo Mathis had one hit in the first half on Brett Hundley but the pass rush was mostly nonexistent aside from that one play and Kikaha's sack, which is the play he was injured on. UCLA's offensive line has been much maligned for allowing teams to tee off on its quarterback. Washington wasn't able to capitalize and it cost them with Hundley going 29/36 (!!!!) for 302 yards and two touchdowns passing and rushing.

  • The Pac-12 officiating needs a change. Earlier, they blew this touchdown dead because of a block. A block. Then the officials prevented the Huskies from running a fake punt when they threw a flag (later picked up) for an illegal substitution. This allowed UCLA to see that Lindquist and Shaq Thompson were both in the game and one of them (probably Lindquist) was going to get the ball to run up the middle. Unacceptable.

  • After going into halftime with the Huskies trailing 31-10, I struggled switching my cable box back to Fox Sports 1 from CBS, airing the Alabama vs. LSU game.

  • True freshman Brayden Lenius had a nice catch on UW's first drive when he ran a wheel route from the slot and was thrown the ball high where he was asked to make a play over the top of the defensive back covering him. The play was very well-executed with good blocking, an amazing throw from Cyler Miles and a great catch from Lenius. It was a great play, but this is how I expect Chris Petersen and Jonathan Smith to use Kasen Williams. Allow him to use his physicality and large frame to prevent defenders from making a play on the ball

  • I always hesitate to criticize a play-caller. It is my last resort. But Washington's opening drive of the second half had me in disbelief:

  • UCLA's kicker isn't slow. I can only make that assessment when he is running next to the fastest human being currently wearing purple.*

    *Unsubstantiated claim
  • The biggest problem for the Huskies (offensively) was an inability to protect Cyler Miles. Later in the game that was less of an issue when the Huskies changed the gameplan to running the ball straight at the UCLA defense, which worked. It wasn't enough though.

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What are your Instant Dots?