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The Good, The Bad and The Unknown: Colorado

A good, but not overly interesting win for Washington over Colorado.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

Shaq Thompson - Thompson showed that he is simply one of the best overall players to ever play for the Huskies by rushing for more than 170 yards and a touchdown while also getting a couple of big receptions. I don't know if I have ever seen a football player move over to the other side of the field in the modern era and basically win a game for his team, but that is pretty much what he did. He was especially important early in the game when he was pretty much the only thing keeping the Huskies in the game.

Resolve - For a while in the first half it easily looked like this game could get out of hand, especially with how unprolific Washington's offense is. BUT, the Huskies held on and then came alive when opportunity presented itself to take the game. I think the fact that they Huskies hung in there on the road with a weird game time against a solid team that was playing really well and desperately needed a win and, to me, that is a good sign for the current staff.

Dante Pettis - After seeing Pettis look like the first dangerous Husky punt returner since Charles Frederick, I knew that Pettis was going to take one back at some point this season (and probably against one of the weaker Pac-12 opponents) and he did it at a great time. Throw in a long touchdown catch and 48-yard catch on top of that to give the Huskies the lead and Pettis looks like he could soon be considered Washington's best receiver.

Opportunity knocks - The Husky defense left nothing on the table when it presented itself. Pouncing on fumbles when they hit the ground and jumping a route, grabbing the pick and taking it for the score ended up being what put the Buffs away.

Andrew Hudson - Hudson followed up the best game of his career, against Arizona State, with another good one. He looks to be taking advantage of defenses keying in on Danny Shelton and Hau'oli Kikaha and finished the game with six tackles, two for-loss,  a sack, a fumble recovery and a knocked down pass.

Marcus Peters - Peters looks and plays like an NFL cornerback already and he flies to the ball like no other Husky cornerback I can ever remember. Colorado clearly was doing everything they could to get Nelson Spruce away from him and his break up of an attempted reverse was a thing of beauty. Appreciate watching Peters as a Husky while you can because he will be gone very soon.

The Bad

Sluggishness (Is that really a word?) - Maybe it was the 10 a.m. call time, but the Huskies sure looked slow and unfocused early in the game. It reminded me a bit of the Georgia State game where they looked disinterested early on and undervaluing an opponent and it nearly cost them the game. They cannot afford to come out the way they did against Colorado again the rest of the way and still get a win.

Fumbles - The Husky offense got bailed out by their defense getting the turnovers back, but they were still very ugly. It looked like Cyler Miles was playing with a greased ball all game and his two fumbles would have been back breakers against a better opponent. I liked DiAndre Campbell's effort, but you have to know the situation and whether or not there is a defender right in front of you before you stretch the ball out.

Run defense - They cleaned it up in the second half, but there is really no excuse for how easily Colorado's struggling offensive line and backs were picking up yards on the ground. Especially considering the supposed strength and talent of Washington's front seven.

Pass rush (for most of the game) - Like the run defense, this got better as the game went on, but I was shocked to see how clean of a pocket Sefo Liufau had for much of the game. The vaunted Husky pass rush seemed to really struggle to get to Liufau earlier in the game and it left their young secondary exposed which was a big reason why Colorado jumped out to the early lead.

Passing game - They did enough to get the job done Saturday, but I still don't' like what I am seeing in the passing game. The receivers don't seem to be getting that open and Miles was efficient, but did nothing that will deter future opponents from not stacking the box.

The Unknown

Health - The Huskies have quietly became maybe the Pac-12's most banged up team, especially on offense. Will Lavon Coleman, Dwayne Washington, Dexter Charles, Ben Riva, Coleman Shelton be back if at all?

Shaq Thompson - Thompson has been a god send at running back for the Huskies, but you have to wonder if not having him on defense is going to really hurt against a better opponent like UCLA. With the health of Coleman and Washington in question and Thompson being so valuable as a running back, I have to imagine that he will stay at running back against the Bruins, but I have to think that the staff would rather have healthy and effective Coleman and Washington carry the load as opposed to their best linebacker.

UCLA - The Bruins remind me a lot of the Huskies as a talented, but flawed team that has not lived up to expectations and is pretty unpredictable. Based on how the Bruins have performed this season, one would think that the Huskies have a very good chance to get a win at home in Seattle, but with how poorly Washington's offense has performed as of late and with how questionable the defense looked at time against Colorado and Oregon, I am uneasy in my prediction that the Huskies will get a win Saturday. I truly have no idea how this game will play out.