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The Dawg Pound is Recruiting for Sports Writers

The UWDP membership is expanding and the fanbase is interested in more content. If you are an aspiring writer or a hobbyist, we have opportunities covering Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Football and Non-Revenue sports.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The UW Dawg Pound is expanding and is looking to beef up its total coverage of Husky Athletics.  Effective immediately, we are looking for bloggers who are interested and qualified to step into the roles noted below.  All roles are voluntary.  Stipends may be available based on agreed upon performance metrics.

1.  Football Technical Analysis

We are looking for one "X's and O's" football writer who can produce a weekly column breaking down Husky Football plays and educating our readers on the nuances of the game from the point of view of a coach or player.


  • Must be able to commit to one piece per week on average, including the offseason
  • Must have fundamental writing and grammar skills
  • Must have the ability to create graphics and GIFs for use in articles
  • Must have demonstrated expertise in football theory and coaching
  • Preferred: Experience in the game as a coach or player

2.  UW Basketball Editor

We are currently recruiting for an Editor and Writer covering UW Men's and Women's Basketball.  This role will be responsible for scheduling all content and coordinating with other Basketball writers to maximize UWDP's coverage of Basketball.  The Editor will also be responsible for producing two to three pieces of content each week during the season as well as promoting UWDP's Basketball coverage via social media.  Candidate should also have a strong interest in helping to provide for coverage in basketball recruiting.


  • Must have fundamental writing, grammar and organizational skills
  • Must have basic technical skills producing web friendly content and graphics
  • Must be located in Seattle and have regular access to Husky Men's and Women's Basketball games
  • Must be willing to communicate with, collaborate with and organize a writing team
  • Preferred:  UW Student with a strong interest in Basketball and sports journalism
  • Preferred:  Interest in Men's Basketball Recruiting

3.  UW Football Recruiting Writer

We are looking for a blogger to work with the current writing staff and to take our football recruiting coverage to the next level.  In this role, the candidate will produce a weekly "Recruiting Roundup" style of article that will include news, interviews and player analysis.


  • Must have requisite writing and grammar skills
  • Must have a strong interest in high school football and college football recruiting
  • Must have willingness and capability to execute basic "beat coverage" skills including attending games, networking, interviewing, and creating original content
  • Must be located in Seattle area and have strong knowledge of local high school football
  • Preferred:  UW Student with strong interest in sports journalism
  • Preferred:  Experience and contacts within northwest high school sports scene

4. Non Revenue Sports Editor

We have an amazing opportunity to start a beat on UW non-revenue sports including Soccer, Golf, Crew, Baseball and Volleyball.  We are looking for a leader for this beat.  The Non-Revenue Sports Editor will be responsible for organizing our coverage over non-revenue sports, for networking within the Athletic Department to cover those sports, for conducting player and coach interviews and for producing two to three articles per week, including a "weekly roundup" news piece.


  • Must have requisite writing and grammar skills
  • Must be a UW student or person with convenient access to the Athletic Department and the various non revenue sports events being covered
  • Must have the organizational skills to develop and manage a news beat
  • Must have basic technical skills in producing web content and graphics
  • Preferred:  Journalism major with an interest in developing a portfolio

If you have an interest in any of the positions noted above, please submit a cover letter and sample of your work to me via email at landonemail-gekko at