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Apple Cup Smack Talk Thread

It's that time of year. Let's start this.

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Apple Cup is an annual tradition that brings out the worst in all sports fans across the state of Washington ... in a good way.  It is the one time in the year where sports hate, in all of its pure goodness, is encouraged and, in fact, mutually celebrated amongst the opposing fan bases.

To sustain that tradition, I offer you this Smack Talk thread.  I invite Husky and Coug fans alike to share their smack talk, snark and wishes for misfortune in the comment thread below.  There are really no limits to where your creative mind is allowed to go in this forum.  I only ask that posters be sensitive to what is happening on the national scene with Ferguson, keep the good faith, and avoid blatant baiting or flaming.  In addition, please avoid dragging the football players into the mud by name.

Otherwise, have at it.  There are no shortage of jokes, barbs, taunts, jeers, jabs and backhanded compliments to hand out at the expense of your fellow statesman. (If you are interested in the CougCenter open joke thread, you can find that right here.)

To get this party started, let's have a little "insert a caption here" contest.  Provide a caption for each of these pictures in the comments below.